Roland Brooks

Consumer Advice Managing Editor. Daddy by day, writer at night. Fishing and the newest gadgets are Roland’s faves regarding stress relief. Whether it’s a new gadget or a fishing rod, he’s always eager to try something new. When I’m stressed, I usually go fishing or play around with the latest gadgets to help distract and relax me. There’s nothing quite like it for helping wake me up and prepare me for the day. And when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I love to take out one of the latest tech gadgets to distract myself and give me a mental break.
Roland Brooks


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Deeper Start Review

Do you want to increase your fishing success and don’t know which fish finder to use? Based on our review, we recommend the Deeper START

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Best 5 Inch Fish Finder

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Fish finders are crucial for successful fishing, using advanced marine technology to reveal underwater structures. The sonar displays play a key role, providing insights into

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While some anglers build their passion from chasing a feeling, others pursue perfection. This is delivered by choosing the fishing tool.  Since 1960, Lawrance has

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In my experience as an angler, I’ve noted a common aspect among water boat fishing, kayaking, and ice fishing fishermen. We all desire to be

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I have owned several fish finders over the years, and I highly recommend Humminbird Helix models for anglers looking for the right fish finder. The

Men Preparing Rod For Late Evening Fishing

Fishing With Soft Plastics

Soft plastics, a staple in every angler’s tackle box, are versatile and effective lures that mimic the look and movement of various aquatic prey. These