Deeper PRO Plus 2 Review by the Expert

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ 2

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Roland Brooks

Daddy by day, fisherman at night.

Are you looking for a good fish finder with exceptional performance and good battery life? The Deeper Pro Plus 2 is your ideal choice. From my experience, I can attest that this fish finder features advanced technology. It offers improved GPS performance and precise visuals to give you a competitive edge.

Deeper Sonar Pro+ 2 is easy to cast, offers accurate information, and has excellent scanning depth. Here, we have prepared a detailed deeper pro plus 2 review to help you know if it’s worth the hype.

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A Quick Look at Deeper Sonar Pro+ 2

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ 2
Rating:4.6 ★★★★★
💵 Pricing:Budget
📱Phone Support:iOS & Android

Fish like a pro with a Deeper Sonar Pro+ 2. This device features three beam frequencies, increased GPS performance, precise visuals, and a longer-lasting battery to enhance your fishing experience.

From my review, I recommend this device to anglers and deep-water dwellers. Unlike other fish finders, the Sonar Pro+ 2 scan deep depths and generate accurate and precise data and visuals.

For budget-conscious anglers, this is the best budget fish finder to try right now.

Technical Specifications

The Good

The Bad

Deeper Sonar Pro+ 2 Features That Are Worth Mention

Design and Build Quality

The PRO Plus 2 features a sleek, compact design that makes it easy to cast and retrieve. It is lighter than the PRO Plus and thus ideal for anglers fishing for long hours.

This castable fish finder is portable, and you can easily cast it from the shores, kayak, or inflatable kayak. This device enables you to explore different fishing environments. The PRO Plus 2 is durable and adapts a rugged construction that increases its durability.

Sonar Technology and Performance

Unlike other castable fish finders, the Deeper PRO Plus 2 offers impressive scanning capabilities and depth penetration.

Additionally, this device offers three different beam angles and scan frequencies. It has a beam angle of 7 degrees at 675 kHz, 20 degrees at 240 kHz, and 47 degrees at 100 kHz.

This fish finder works great in shallow waters. You can use the wide sonar beam of 47 degrees to scan large shallow water areas. Use the 20 degrees beam angle to determine the location they are in. After identifying your favorite spot, set a beam of 7 to identify specific fish species. The ability to offer more than two beam angles makes this sonar provide exceptional accuracy.

This sonar offers a maximum depth range of 330 ft., making it ideal for anglers looking for a shallow-water fish finder.

This castable fish finder has a powerful transducer that sends 15 signals per second with a low target separation of 0.4”. You can use it to identify lures, especially when vertical jigging.

GPS and Mapping Features

Deeper Sonar PRO Plus 2 provides real-time mapping and data. This device records the lake shores, banks, and dock’s bottom. The inbuilt GPS function sends bathymetric maps and captures detailed underwater vegetation and terrain.

Looking for even more advanced GPS capabilities? Explore our guide on fish finders with GPS to take your fishing experience to the next level. With the right combination of sonar and GPS, you’ll have all the tools you need to locate and reel in the big ones.

This device can relay accurate information about the bottom structure, contours, water temperature, and fish location. You only need to integrate it with your app on your tablet or mobile phone.

Use the Fish Deeper app to access your previous fishing history and favorite fishing spot.

Wireless Connectivity and App Integration

Like the deeper chirp, the Pro Plus 2 can remotely connect to your mobile phone via WiFi. It offers an impressive broadcasting range, ten times faster than the Bluetooth connection.

Furthermore, this device is compatible with most Android and iOS devices so that it can connect to different types of phones.

Connecting your PRO+ 2 with the app lets you identify all islands, drop-offs, pits, and docks. This makes it easier for you to identify areas you want to visit.

Battery Life and Charging

Among all Deeper Sonars, the PRO+ 2 is the only device with a powerful battery. This device has a powerful lithium polymer battery that lasts up to 9 hours when fully charged.

The 950 mAh internal battery charges faster and only take about 75 minutes to recharge. It’s also light, and you can recharge it from a portable battery bank or a laptop when still fishing. The battery can still function and withstand cold temperatures, thus ideal for ice fishing.

What Could Be Better on Deeper Sonar Pro+ 2 For?

Although this device is smaller, we noted it’s heavy when attached to the fishing line. From my experience, the weight of this fish finder can be a problem for anglers fishing for extended periods. However, you can prevent the rod from breaking by using strong jigging rods.

Additionally, it’s impractical to use this device on shallow rivers and creeks. The wood and rocks in shallow areas can damage this sonar. Instead of using Deeper Sonar Pro+, you can use deeper START, as it’s ideal for shallow waters.

Another flaw we noticed is how this device gave false positives, especially when fishing in current. When mounted on the kayak, it gets affected by the kayak fishing rods and paddle churn as it marks them as fish.

This device offers a night fishing mode but requires an additional translucent top. Deeper should indicate and include this translucent into their package.

Who Is the Deeper Sonar Pro+ 2 For?

Deeper Sonar Pro+ 2 is a good option for anglers who like fishing from a boat or kayak. This is because it offers outstanding casting and depth range.

This device is also a good option for anglers seeking a versatile fish finder. It works great in all fishing seasons and can be used for most fishing types. This device will help catch more fish since finding where they are hiding won’t be a problem.