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Our Mission

FindYourFish was started in 2017 by three friends who wanted to share their taken photos of enormous size fish but ended up with a blog about the latest fishing gadgets. Since that start, we have promised to write unbiased reviews and buyer guides for our readers.


Analyze the latest gadgets on the market and provide our readers with information in the most simplistic ways to understand.


Using the same criteria means that the product comparison is fair and analytical (based on fact) rather than subjective


Never regret a purchase decision again by getting the information you need to make the proper buying judgment.

Who We Are

Larry Stark

Founder / Main Editor

Larry Fish is a retired man who spends his days fishing in lakes, streams, and rivers. He loves to share information about fishing with other fishermen and tries new gadgets that he finds.

Ernest Grey

Product Reviews Managing Editor

Ernest Grey loves to fish and try new gadgets. He also likes sharing his opinion on the best fishing gadgets he can find. Ernest likes to go fishing whenever he has free time and always brings his phone to record his thoughts and ideas.

Roland Brooks

Consumer Advice Managing Editor

Daddy by day, writer at night. Fishing and the newest gadgets are Roland’s faves regarding stress relief. Whether it’s a new gadget or a fishing rod, he’s always eager to try something new.

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