Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 Review (2023) + How to Use It

Lowrance Hook Reveal 5

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Lowrance presents one of the most compatible fish finders in the Lowrance hook reveal series — Hook Reveal 5. This fish finder offers premium features for a super affordable price and makes a popular choice among anglers of all levels.

Armed with CHIRP sonar technology that picks up all underwater structure information you need, and pre-loaded maps of both US and CA lakes, the Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 allows you to locate fish accurately, save hotspots, and navigate around any lake surface.

This Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 review breaks down everything you need to know about this fish finder – pros and cons, specifications, and why this device is among the best fish finders today.

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Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 Review: A 30-second Summary

Lowrance Hook Reveal 5
Rating:4.1 ★★★★
💵 Pricing:Budget
🖥️ Screen size:5 Inches

Before we jump into this Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 Splitshot review, let’s take a glance at the overall performance of the device.

Hook Reveal 5 comes with a 5-inch color screen size and offers a rich color palette compared to other fish finders. The best features of the Hook reveal 5 is also its auto-tuning sonar which saves you time and energy of adjusting the device manually. The auto-tuning sonar automatically adapts to the lake conditions so as to provide the most accurate data. The SplitShot transducer with CHIRP sonar and downscan sonar of 300 ft allows anglers to enjoy accurate imaging at even 500 ft below the water surface. Apart from these, the Hook Reveal 5 also has an outstanding user-friendly interface.

The keypad comes with one-touch access to all key features.

Lowrance Hook Reveal 5: Technical Specifications

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How does the Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 Perform When Used in Practice?

To deliver a trustworthy Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 review, we need to examine and value its powers practically.

As per user testimonials, the device has high-quality imaging, with an easy and straightforward setup that is also detailed in the manual. All in all, it takes around 30 minutes to adjust the settings and mount the device accordingly.

However, there are many complaints about the difficulty of navigating the device. if you care to customize the unit, you will have to use four buttons in combination – similar to making a screenshot. To manage this accordingly, it is best to resort to the manual for further assistance, especially if you are a newbie angler.

But the device enjoys many praises in terms of its brand transparency with many users reporting that the unit is genuine and the same as marketed.

Here are more specific features of the Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 we explored for our review.


Hook Reveal 5 has excellent display options. Essentially, this fish finder boasts the SolarMax display that allows you to fish in all weather conditions, including fog, direct sunlight, and rain. The 5″ screen is both perfect for a single fisherman or 2-3 fishers who can get the best angle at the same time.

The Hook Reveal 5 offers a split-screen function. You can enjoy a 4-panel split view with all the needed information about the lake structure. However, you don’t necessarily have to use all 4 panels at the time, but can adjust it to 3 or 2 panels, depending on your preference.

Ultimately, Hook Reveal 5 offers a clear high-end night mode view for all nocturnal anglers.


The user interface of the Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 fish finder is pretty straightforward, but there is no touchscreen. When you first unbox and power this fish finder you’ll notice:

  • A Page button
  • A Zoom in and Out button
  • Arrow buttons
  • A Menu button
  • An activate cursor/create waypoint button
  • A Power button

By combine-pressing these buttons, you unfold a myriad of options you can learn more about via the designated manual.


Another crucial feature worth mentioning in our Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 Tripleshot review is the device’s creative mapping section.

Namely, you have a pack C-Map Contour+, featuring contour maps of over 15,00 US lakes and 9,400 Canadian lakes. The pack also includes navigation data, tide and currents information, and more useful information.

Apart from pre-loaded maps, you also have an internal GPS that, along with the transducer, allows you to navigate around the lake and mark fish arches, waypoints, areas to avoid, etc. What’s more, all these options allow you to customize your own fishing map and save money otherwise spent on purchasing fishing charts.


The Sonar section is our favorite to mention in this Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 Splitshot review. Namely, the Hook Reveal 5 has a SplitShot transducer that can send frequencies down to 500 feet underwater. This is a fair feature for fish finder under 500$. Its transducer is supported by the CHIRP technology which emits multiple frequencies per pulse. As a result, you have better target separation and more accurate data to work with. Other transducer types, in comparison, emit a single frequency per pulse which often results in dull images and unclear data.

Once you receive the required lake information on the Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 screen, you can play with the options and set them as preferred. Initially, you’ll notice the zoomable water column which allows you to zoom in on the area you’re interested in. Additionally, for a clearer perspective, you can split the screen with the full water column and the zoomed-in one.

The color options are super helpful for marking and following fish trails. Then, there is the fish ID that replaces fish arches with icons in order to create an even more intelligible and simplified reading.


The networking area is another forte important to include in our Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 Tripleshot review. Although a bit old-school, Hook Reveal 5 doesn’t have wireless transfer options. But, if you want to share data with other anglers or other devices, you can take out the device’s microSD card and plug it into a PC or any other smart device able to share data. Once you finish, place the card back inside the device. Without it, you won’t be able to save any maps. And yes, during fishing, when everything has to be set in place, taking the card out and inserting it back into the device can be problematic for some users.

Who is Lawrance Hook Reveal 5 For?

All in all, Hook Reveal 5 is a great option for all types of anglers and all types of water surfaces. Those who wish to fish alone and explore the area on their own will find everything they need in this device. From pre-loaded maps of US and Canadian lakes to GPS and transducer features that customize unique routes, this is among the top fish finders to get.

Advanced anglers who wish to fish in pairs will also find the Hook Reveal 5 to be a fine device. The screen is big enough to provide a good viewpoint for 2-3 anglers at a time. The reading information on the device’s screen is also precise and of excellent quality, and assists beginners in understanding fish data better. Not to forget, the screen color palette is vivid enough for advanced anglers to spot differences in the underwater structure – even when away from the device.

Feel free to go back to this Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 Tripleshot review if you want to compare it to another fish finder or if you are considering purchasing the device.