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Roland Brooks

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The ultimate angler’s satisfaction is calling it a day after catching a one or two-pounder. Take it from us — if you want to make sure you’ve pulled all the stops to catch a bass, stick to the basics — use smaller lures to catch smaller bass and go for the bigger lures to lure in some heavy-weights.

With all the lure options on the market today, newbie anglers might easily become frustrated not knowing which lure is best for which type of fish. But most fishing enthusiasts we know become baffled when it comes to largemouths or bass in general.

You won’t want to miss this article — scroll down for the ultimate list of the best lures for largemouth bass. You’re welcome!

Comparison Table - The Best Largemouth Bass Lures

Editor's Choice

Best Spinner-Bait​ - Booyah Blade

Booyah Blade

Best Rated

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Football Jig

Reaction Tackle Tungsten


Best Value

RUNCL Swimbaits Paddle

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Review of The Best Lures For Largemouth Bass

#1 Booyah Blade - Editor's Choice​

Best Spinner-Bait​ - Booyah Blade

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Booyah blade is the perfect combo of bubble trail, vibration, gleam, and sound — all of it makes it the ultimate bass catcher. The Booyah Blade is a super durable lure and comes with a lasting skirt made of silicone. Plus, the nice-looking metal plates will gleam through the water and call on to bass in no time.

  • Color: 12 options (Perch, Gold Shiner, Wounded Shad, etc.)
  • Material: silicone, stainless steel
  • Weight: 0.04 pounds
  • Fishing technique: spinning



BUYING ADVICE: This lure is your go-to choice if you enjoy bass fishing early in the morning when the water is still cool. If you prefer the spotted bass, go for the all-white lure or a white, glittery one. It will call to the sleepy bass down below in an instant. Due to its easy-to-use design and feel, female anglers are also no strangers to the Booyah Blade — one of the best bass-fishing lures on the market today.

FEATURES: Since it’s super easy to use, the Booyah Blade is a good fit for every skill level. Even if it’s super lightweight, it can still reel in some large catches and is perfect for milky waters. The skirt made of silicone is super durable, but you can trim some of it if you like your spinnerbait shorter.

#2 Reaction Tackle Tungsten Football Jig - Best Rated

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Football Jig

WHY WE LIKE IT: First up on our list is the football jug made of tungsten. It’s an excellent option for off-ledge fishing and fishing in rocky areas. The variety of colors makes it easy to choose the right lure equipped with weed protection to catch nothing but bass. Thanks to the material used, you can easily sense the traction.

  • Color: 11 options (Candy Craw, Tennessee Shad, Bluegill, etc.)
  • Material: Tungsten
  • Weight: 0.031 pounds



BUYING ADVICE: Every pro angler should have the tungsten football jig in their tackle box. Considering the price, this jig is one of those lures that’ll give the most bang for your buck. It’s super responsive, so you will easily maneuver it across different bodies of water.

FEATURES: The fact that the tungsten football jig is made from tungsten makes the lure pretty tactile and responsive. You can feel it gliding through every rock and gravel at the bottom of the river. Plus, its variety of colors is perfect for choosing the exact lure for a largemouth, a smallmouth, spotted bass, and so on.

#3 RUNCL Swimbaits Paddle - Best Value

WHY WE LIKE IT: Seasoned anglers appreciate a nice swimbait because it comes with a natural rolling action. Plus, the lifelike design mimics natural bass food, attracting both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass.

  • Color: 20 (black-blue, brown jelly, Mist Shiner, etc.)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Fishing technique: casting



BUYING ADVICE: Bring a few of these swimbaits in your tackle box if you set out for largemouth bass fishing. Large fish can destroy the bait, so you need to replace it. Plus, since the RUNCL Swimbaits come in bundle packs, you’ll always have a backup nearby.

FEATURES: As opposed to skirted baits, the RUNCL Swimbaits come with a paddle tail that won’t get stuck in weeds or twigs, so there’s practically no snag. The variety of colors makes it easy to choose one that’ll attract a hungry bass your way.

#4 Strike King Pro Model Series 8 Xd - Best Deep-Diving Crankbait

Strike King Pro Model Series 8 Xd

WHY WE LIKE IT: Here’s a bass lure perfect for deep diving and catching massive bass. It goes as deep as 20 feet and is super fast – making it one of the most versatile lures out there. The pro model comes as chip-resistant, so don’t worry about replacing it any time soon. The design of the crankbait allows for awesome wobbles that will attract lots of curious bass.

  • Color: 3 options (Natural, Green Gizzard Shad, Summer Sexy)
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Weight: 0.09 pounds



BUYING ADVICE: If you’re anything like us and enjoy fishing in milky waters, you’ll pick the citrus shad or the powder blue-black chartreuse — these are awesome for low-visibility waters. However, rookie bass fishermen should probably start with another lure. Those who see this lure as slightly heavy on the budget should know you’ll really get your money’s worth with this little stinger.

FEATURES: Since colors and patterns are huge in largemouth bass fishing, you won’t have an issue with the paint chipping or the color fading. The wobbles this lure makes will awaken even the sleepiest of muskies. If you’re after catching largemouth bass later at night, the Strike King PRO is one of the best bass lures you can get.

#5 Best Jerkbait For Aggressive Action - Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait 08

Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Rapala jerkbait is easily among the top 5 jerkbaits for largemouth bass fishing. It’ll do its magic in small bodies of water. Plus, you won’t believe how aggressively you can use it. Cast it off and see if it goes as deep as 8 feet. I bet you rookie anglers won’t be able to tell this bait apart from live bait. Plus, pro anglers consider the Rapala X-Rap 08 perfect for catching bass.

  • Color: 7 options (Hot Steel, Glass Ghosts, Rainbow Trout, etc.)
  • Material: blend
  • Fishing technique: casting



BUYING ADVICE: When fishing with this lure, make sure you do it in clear water with not too many stumps and rocks. You’ve found a sweet deal if you can find it under $10. Largemouth bass doesn’t resist the Rapala X Rap, especially the Hot Steel color.

FEATURES: The Rapala is one of those lures attracting diverse fish. As small as it is, it has a nice buoyancy as it rests, but it dives deep on the retrieve. The seven color options are enough to allow you to catch bass like a pro.

#6 BOOYAH Counter Strike Buzz - Best Buzzbait For Largemouth Bass Fishing

BOOYAH Counter Strike Buzz

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Booyah Counter Strike is one of those super stable buzzbaits with amazingly realistic features. Pair that with the distinctive sound it makes, and you get a fast-attracting buzzbait. Largemouth bass won’t resist the sweet music these bass lures make.

  • Color: 4 options (Luna, Alpine, Limesicle, Glowbee)
  • Material: silicone
  • Fishing technique: spinning



BUYING ADVICE: We deem it one of the best buzzbaits for largemouth bass. If you rather fish in shallow bodies of water, this is your go-to lure. The variety of color options makes it a good fit for largemouth bass fishing at any time of day.

FEATURES: The Booyah Counter Strike is easily one of the most distinctive lures out there. Even though there are only 4 color options to choose from, they are enough to trigger strikes. Spin this silicone baby and brace yourself to fight a musky.

#7 Best For Real Life Skin And Swim Mimic For Largemouth Bass Fishing - Animated Lure Classic

Animated Lure

WHY WE LIKE IT: Pro anglers that enjoy a nice fishing challenge will choose animated lures to enlarge their catch portfolio. An animated lure is excellent for catching largemouth bass, even if the giant lounges deep in the water. Animated lures are electronically programmed to mimic real fish and life-like swims.

  • Color: 30 skin options (Green Dart, Baby Toad, Black Dart, etc.)
  • Material: ABS, anti-corrosion stainless steel
  • Fishing technique: trolling, casting



BUYING ADVICE: If you’re a pro angler looking to explore more bass lure options, try the automated lure. Cast it off like a bullet and see it work its magic. The high-quality build will make up for the price if you find it on the upside.

FEATURES: This bass lure is incredible for creating massive vibrations, and its glowing, flashing LED eyes make it an excellent option for bass fishing in muddy eaters and covers. It has a USB cable for charging, so always top it off before casting.

#8 MadBite - Best Topwater Lure

MadBite - Best Topwater Lure

WHY WE LIKE IT: As the best topwater lure on this list, the MadBite will easily glide left and right on the water’s surface to attract that curious bass. You don’t have to be a pro to work with this bass lure — cast it off and see it swirl.

  • Color: 10 options (Green Dart, Baby Toad, Black Dart, etc.)
  • Material: Silicone, Wood, Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Fishing technique: spinning, casting



BUYING ADVICE: Some might find it a bit overpriced, but those who know its features will find the MadBite topwater lure a great value for the money. Our fellow anglers have used it around lily pads and attracted quite a few bites.

FEATURES: The lightness of the lure makes the MadBite a great bait for topwater fishing. Plus, with a design that makes this lure wiggle like crazy, you can be sure to catch some massive largemouths.

#9 JIGITY - Best Ned Rig Bait

JIGITY - Best Ned Rig Bait

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Jigity ned rig bait is a fantastic choice during late summer and early fall when fishing can be a bit of a pickle. Ned rig is a finesse technique that suits the Jigity bait perfectly.

  • Color: 13 color variations (Black Blue Flk, Door Hinge, Ghost Spark, etc.)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Fishing technique: spinning, casting



BUYING ADVICE: Whether you are a pro or a rookie looking to reel in a musky or a spotted bass, give this squishy worm a go. You won’t be disappointed by its price — for a pack of 10 baits, it’s super affordable.

FEATURES: The Jigity Ned rig bait comes in various colors and will accommodate your wildest angler dreams. Choose your fave color, add a scent of preference, or use it as-is. It’s one of those topwater lures for largemouth bass fishing that you can use to catch a big largemouth bass and call it a day.

Classification of Artificial Lures


The most noticeable trait of a jig is the weighted head on one side and a pointy hook on the other. Jigs can come with silicone skirts or plastic grubs that float nicely on the water’s surface.

In general, among experienced anglers, jigs are deemed one of the most sought-after fishing lures. The fact that the jig weight ranges from 1/64, 3/8, 1/2, 1/32, 1/8, 1/16, 1/4, and 3/4 ounces makes it sink perfectly. Thus, the jig is an awesome choice for bass and other fishes that feed deeper underwater.


Otherwise known as plugs, the crankbaits are lures made of sturdy plastic that take the form and color of bait fish and other prey bass feed on. Crankbaits can be made from a solid piece of plastic or a hollow one.

In addition, the front of the bait usually contains a slight blade-like piece of plastic or metal — called a lip. You can adjust the lip to swing the bait back and forth in some crankbaits. You can use this artificial bait in shallow grass waters and expect to lure in more fish.

Crankbaits come with a couple of treble hooks, and, depending on the design, these baits can either sink, dive, float, or hover. A crankbait (or a lipless crankbait) attracts bass no matter the season or the fishing situation.


What separates spinnerbaits from the other types is the ability to move in the water in a horizontal direction. You can find a variety of spinnerbait colors and shapes, depending on the depth you’re looking to fish in and the type of species you seek.

The design of a spinnerbait is that of a skirted hook on one of the sides and one or two metal blade-like sheets that rotate on the opposing side. When the blades spin, they create massive, bass-attracting vibrations that can awaken even the sleepiest of bass.

Plus, depending on the blades’ color, a reflection in the water appeals to bass even more. Spinnerbaits are great at mimicking minnows and the rest of the bait fish.


Swimbaits are another type of artificial lure that imitates fish perfectly. The usual design of swimbaits comes with a paddle-like tail that moves just like that of an actual fish. Swimbaits are super realistic, especially while moving through the water. For some anglers, swimbaits are irreplaceable lures allowing a super easy catch-and-release.

The anglers we’ve gone fishing with say that 8 times out of 10, they hook a large bass on the lip.


A craw is a lifelike soft plastic lure designed to attract bass, panfish, and other fish alike. It’s perfect for local lakes with warm water, and this particular bait is ideal for pitching and flipping. Today, you can find these lures in various colors. The one you choose should depend on the conditions in which you’re eager to fish.


Jerkbaits are hard-floating baits equipped with three treble hooks. Design-wise, the jerkbaits are slender and long, with a small lip the size of a pea. When a jerkbait is cast, it mimics the movement of batfish if it were trying to escape a predator.

What to Look for in a Largemouth Bass Fishing Lures


The type of largemouth bass lure renders the effectiveness of the catch. In other words, the type of lure you choose will work in particular bodies of water and under distinctive weather conditions. For example, jugs will deliver excellent results when used in both shallow and deep waters.


The lure’s action depends on the initial function the lure was designed to curry. Wide wobble, tight wiggle, and rolling are some common lure actions.


The level of vibration a lure causes defines how easy or hard a bass will be to hook. For instance, the faster you retrieve your lure, the more vigorous vibrations it will create.


When it comes to the colors of the lure, you have to know that each color affects different weather conditions and bodies of water. Plus, some fish, like bass, only react to specific colors. For instance, if you rather fish in deep, milky waters, choose a white or glittery-white lure instead of a colorful one. — those are the best lure colors for muddy water.

Frequently asked questions​

Generally, a bass’s ocular anatomy responds to only two colors: green and red. These colors are most appealing to bass, and they can see them clearly. If you choose other color choices, you might not be able to catch the bass right away — give it a few tries and stay persistent.

Typically, a bass is most attracted to crawfish and baitfish. These are the most common live baits that bass usually feed on. Other live baits include worms and frogs in shallow water and weeds. For artificial lures, bass will be attracted to noisy, highly-vibrating lures.

Normally, you can find largemouth bass in depths of up to 14 feet. In fact, it’s common knowledge among anglers that bass tends to schlep in shallow waters and near the bottom. However, bass will migrate to even deeper water during winter, ranging from 16 to 49 feet.

If you ask pro bass anglers when it is best to catch largemouth bass, they will probably tell you to do it at night. The reason for this is sheer biology: bass tends to feed more actively at night than at any other time of the day. However, if you gear up on the right line and lure, you might be able to reel in a musky early in the morning or in the afternoon.

According to expert bass anglers, the season for bass fishing is crucial. Anywhere from May through July is the perfect window for bass fishing. You can use crawfish, minnows, jigs, night crawlers, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits to catch a musky. Late spring and early-to-mid summer are perfect for catching bass with both live and artificial lures.

Anywhere from 55 to 65°F is the perfect weather to reel in a largemouth. When the weather gets significantly warmer, the bass starts to spawn and will feed more vigorously during the pre-spawn period.