Best Lures For White Bass In 2024

Best White Bass Lures - The Secret to Caught

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Larry Stark

Professional fisherman, who loves to review new fishing gadgets.

The thrill of white bass hitting your line sure is something. Here, based on my own experience, we will take a look into the best white bass lures that will help you trigger a strike and tell you some fisherman secrets. Are you ready to take into what are the best lures for white bass in any situation?

Top 3 White Bass Lures

Best Swimbait Lure For White Bass Fishing

Catch Co Mike Bucca Bull Shad

Catch Co Mike

Best Topwater Lure For White Bass Fishing

Rebel Lures Pop-R

Rebel Pop-R

Best Crankbait Lure For White Bass Fishing

Strike King Red Eyed Shad

Strike King KVD 1.5

10 Best Lures for White Bass Fishing

  1. 1. Catch Co Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad Best Swimbait Lures For White Bass
    2. Rebel Pop-RBest Topwater Lures For White Bass
    3. Strike King KVD 1.5 Shallow Square BillBest Crankbait Lures For White Bass
    4. Rooster TailBest Versatile Lures For White Bass
    5. Mepps Aglia Dressed Treble Fishing LureLures With The Best Reviews For White Bass
    6. Maurice Sporting Mepps DressedBest White Bass Lures Kit For The Money 
    7. Rapala Husky 06Best Jerk Plug Lures For White Bass
    8. Storm 360GTBest Minnow Lures For White Bass
    9. Strike King Red Eye Shad BaitBest Lipless Crankbait Lures For White Bass
    10. Booyah Colorado BladeBest Spinnerbait Lures For White Bass


Best Overall White Bass Lure

Catch Co Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad

Catch Co Mike Bucca Bull Shad

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Baby Bull Shad is a heavy-duty swimbait born out of a two-year collaboration between Mike Bucca and Catch Co. This swimbait is a product for the masses, from beginner to pro; every fisherman out there can use it for fishing white bass. The beauty of it is that it has a wounded fish appeal and a four-part design that make it look like a real swimming shad.

  • Material: Durable ABS plastics
  • Weight: 0.031 pounds
  • Colors: Available in 7 colors including Golden Shiner, Bumble Bee, and Bluegill



OVERVIEW: Considering the realistic design and life-like action of this lure, it’s no wonder that countless fishermen are satisfied with it. Upon trying it out, we noticed that the dual hooks were a great addition, although the most we caught was lightweight bass.

FEATURES: This downsized bait meets the basic requirements of all anglers looking to catch white bass. It comes with practically everything – from high-quality materials and dual hooks to great action and realistic design.


Best Topwater

Rebel Pop-R

Rebel Lures Pop-R

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Rebel Pop-R is considered a prototype for topwater lures. It has dual functionality and depending on your unique fishing style, you may use it as panic baitfish or use it to mimic a wounded fish. This lure works great for surface white bass fishing but also brings much success when fishing for white bass in the shallow.

  • Material: Blend
  • Weight: 0.008 – 0.031 pounds
  • Color: Available in 18 colors including Silver/Black, Foxy Momma, Clear, and Purple Shad



OVERVIEW: The small size and particular design are aimed at replicating a baitfish as closely as possible, which is among the top goals in white bass fishing. Talking to other experienced fishermen, we found that though there are plenty of popper brands available, the Rebel Pop-R lure has a well-established reputation for giving you your money’s worth. You’ll find it ranks among the best topwater bass lures on the market.

FEATURES: The concave face is what gives this lure its popping sound ability, which along with the tail and bone-like body, are more than enough for hungry bass to reach the surface and strike.


Best Crankbait

Rooster Tail

Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail

WHY WE LIKE IT: When it comes to white bass fishing, you can never go wrong with a rooster tail bait. The 1/6 oz size of the Yakima Bait Wordens Original bait is ideal for a white bass lure. What makes this rooster tail lure so great is that it is suitable for both river and lake fishing. The technique, of course, varies, but it gives anglers the joy of casting far and reeling in to lure the bass.

  • Materials: Stainless steel wire, copper blades
  • Weight: 0.0105 pounds
  • Colors: Black



OVERVIEW: The Yakima rooster tail is very practical as it can catch just about anything. The only potential problem that we must mention is that it isn’t the best choice of gear during the swamping period.

FEATURES: What makes this lure a great purchase is the simple fact that it can be used to fish all types of bass, trout, and panfish as well. Its durable materials and great spinning action make it all the more attractive, and almost a no-brainer buy.


Most Versatile

Mepps Aglia Dressed Treble Fishing Lure

Mepp Aglia spinner

WHY WE LIKE IT: Upon seeing the Mepps design, you might be confused as this water bait is nowhere near a realistic shad lookalike. Although it has a standard design and there is nothing much peculiar about it, many anglers keep the Meps Agilia model close to heart. Their reason is simple – it allows them to target white bass during early spring, which is one of the best periods for this type of fish.

  • Material: Blend
  • Weight: 0.008 – 0.031 pounds
  • Colors: Available in 6 colors including Multi, Hot Fire Tiger, Gold Brown Tail, and Rainbow Trout/Green Tail



OVERVIEW: We find that the Agilia makes the perfect fit for fishing in rivers and streams. When fishing for white bass with the help of this bait, you can make the swamping period the peak of your season. Some fishermen use it for lake scenarios as well, but in our opinion, it works best with rivers and streams.

FEATURES: Unlike the rooster tail, the Mepps Agila lure is one of the best lures to use during spawn season. Though this one-ounce-tailed bait is somewhat old-school, it emits a flash from its spinner and grabs the attention of bass, making it ideal for discolored water.


Best Kit for the Money

Maurice Sporting Mepps Dressed

Best Kit For The Money - Maurice Sporting Mepps Dressed

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Mepps Lure Kit features a set of 6 durable lures that are great for both stream and lake fishing. These lures work on a variety of fish even though they’re primarily advertised for trout. It might not do all the work for you, but it certainly makes a great choice for both professional and novice white bass anglers.

  • Material: Brass
  • Weight: 0.0219 pounds for the whole package
  • Color: Multicolored



BUYING ADVICE: We, like many other anglers, have discovered that once your purchase these spinners, there is no going back. The movement and color diversity combined into these lures make them a top choice, especially when it comes to stream white bass fishing.

FEATURES: Judging by the assorted lures, the Mepps kit is far from conventional. The dual-hooked spinners feature brass bodies accompanied by dressings that vary in size, color, and material, giving anglers a taste of both traditionality and functionality.


Best Jerk Plug

Rapala Husky 06

Best Jerk Plug - Rapala Husky 06

WHY WE LIKE IT: Rapala is a famous brand for its erratic action lures and realistically mimicking baitfish. Their Rapala Shad Rap Husky Jerk 06 features two different colors. However, it comes with natural buoyancy, a balanced design, and overall sturdiness.

  • Material: Blend
  • Weight: 0.01 pounds
  • Color: Available in 2 colors – Glass Minnow and Multi



OVERVIEW: This is one of the best lures you can use for white bass fishing during early spring and even summer. Personally, we find that Rapala Husky 06 is economical due to its great quality. You can use it to catch bass all year round, although you may need to pay more than other lures.

FEATURES: This hybrid-like Husky jerk has the perfect measurements and can be cast and trolled at any speed. The rattle chamber amplifies sounds within the water, grabbing the attention of largemouth white bass.


Best Minnow

Storm 360GT

Storm 360GT Searchbait Minnow

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Storm 360GT is here to help anglers discover more fish by attracting their attention with its authentic swimming action. This tool is aimed at schooling fish and helps angers pinpoint a location while allowing them to cover water throughout. It keeps things simple which is why it makes an excellent choice for absolute beginners looking for eco-friendly bait to assist them in their white bass hunt.

  • Material: Blend
  • Weight: 0.25 pounds
  • Colors: Multi



OVERVIEW: The natural swimming action of this lure makes it a rare commodity and a piece every angler should have in their collection. What we like most about it is that there is no reason to switch your movements when you fish – gliding it easily on the surface is sure to bring you a catch.

FEATURES: The Storm 360GT comes pre-rigged, making this lure a great choice for anglers who are new to this type of white bass fishing. It may come in one size and color, but it does have 2 extra bodies that can bring more action.


Best Spinnerbait

Booyah Colorado Blade

Booyah Covert Series

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Booyah spinner blade makes its move on hungry bass by announcing its presence with its far-reaching vibrations. This spinner bait makes a wise choice for both clear and stained water as well and comes in three different sizes.

  • Material: Blend
  • Weight: 0.016 – 0.031 pounds
  • Color: Available in 4 colors including Snow White, Black, and Chartreuse



OVERVIEW: It may look simple, but this lure is one of the best on the market due to the good amount of vibrations it produces, luring in more bass. What we like most about this spinner bait is that it has a sturdy design. The blades work well, and it is made with quality materials. So far, it’s a great addition to our arsenal.

FEATURES: This Booyah Colorado Bade bait features an ultra pointy hook and multi-color silicone skirts. Don’t let the simple design fool you – bass love it!

How to Choose the Best Lure for White Bass Fishing?


When fishing for white bass, it is important to consider a number of factors, including the season. By tracking white bass behavior, experts have found that once the temperature rises to about 50 degrees, male white bass start making their way toward the tributaries. Female white bass join them a bit later after a week or two.

This is the period during which you want to make your cast. Fishing enthusiasts would agree that the best time to target white bass is during the beginning of the spring season.

During summer, white bass finishing can be harder because they tend to go deeper into the water to get cooler temperatures. On the other hand, autumn can also be a good time to fish for white bass as they mostly move through shallow water because this is where they may find most food available and get ready for the winter.

Once again, catching white bass during the winter season is possible but not recommended unless you want to wait for long periods and fish in deeper waters.


What is remarkable about bass is that they are what we call schooling fish, meaning if you find one in the area, it is likely that there are many others as well.

Commonly they are known to hang around creek mouths, along flats and ledges, or in deeper water over structures feeding aggressively on wide-bodied bait fish like bony bream. This is why curly tail grub baits are great lures to have in your tackle box if you love fishing bass.

However, what is worth keeping in mind about this kind is that they are obsessed with threadfin shad. The easiest way to find white and silver bass is to look for their favorite meal. If you notice any minnows, wild shiners, or threadfin shad near the surface, chances are that is a sweet spot for catching white bass.


Another key factor in white bass fishing is variety. To fish successfully from top to bottom, you need to have a variety of lures in your collection. If you are planning on luring bass to the surface, the best lures you can opt for are surface, wounded-fish-looking baits.

If you are targeting bass during the spawning white bass season, you can use jerkbaits, and a twitch retrieve technique. Understanding how white bass feed can help find the best lures during different seasons and allow you to curate your bait presentation according to their needs.

White Bass Fishing Tips


the type of hook you use is important. Usually, the best choice for catching white bass is either a 3/0 or a 4/0 hook.

Water Temperature

The optimal temperature for fishing white bass is somewhere between 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Still, as we mentioned, it is possible to catch these fish in cooler temperatures.

Time of the Day

The best time for white bass fishing is early morning or late during the evening, meaning you should either toss before sunset or at the break of dawn.

Look for Structures

Anglers looking for white bass should know around what structures bass are more likely to lurk. This, however, can change with the season. In spring, white bass may be found near shorelines and docks, while in fall and winter, white bass is usually relocated to structures such as ledges and drop-offs.

Frequently Asked Questions

White bass responds well to a variety of baits but most commonly to ones that resemble shad.

As a general rule, with white bass, the case is usually the smaller, the better. The best lures usually range somewhere between 2″ to 4″.

Night bass fishing is always worth the try as light attracts baitfish, and white bass love them, meaning you can get plenty of action.

Bass best responds to colors such as green, red, blue, black, and combinations polarly found in shad.

The best temperature for targeting white bass ranges between 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The bass season officially opens in spring. Though fishing for sand bass, smallmouth bass, and white bass in winter is possible, as many experienced anglers will tell you, early spring is the peak.