6 Best Pike Lures of 2023 [Tried by the Experts]

Best Pike Lures & Fishing Tips

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Roland Brooks

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At the top of the food chain is a vicious predator known as pike fish. If you are into catching more pike fish, you need to get to know the fishing environment. After that, purchasing good pike lures with excellent color and vibration is a must!

Finally, to get them biting, you should size up your bait and check out our list of the best pike fishing lures below.

Are you hooked yet? Keep on reading to find out what are the best pike lures.

Our Favorite Picks

Most Efficient Pike Fishing Lure

Berkley Johnson Silver

Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon

Best Pike Lure For Long Casting

Rapala Rattlin

Rattlin’ Rapala

Most Durable Pike Fishing Lure


6 Best Pike Lures

  1. Johnson Silver Minnow SpoonMost Efficient Pike Lures
  2. Rattlin’ RapalaBest Pike Lures For Long Casting
  3. BOOYAH PikeeMost Durable Pike Lures
  4. Storm WildEye Live PikeBest Pike Lures For Larger Fish
  5. DardevleBest Spoon Pike Lures
  6. Dr.FishBest Bucktail Jig Pike Lures


Best Pike Lure Overall

Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon

Berkley Johnson Silver

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Johnson Silver Minnow spoon is perfect for pike anglers that like some dazzling action. If you’re targeting pike, this lure won’t twist at all and will cast a mile! It’s why we love it so much.

  • Features: Metal weed guard, brass blade designed for long casts
  • Color Availability: Silver/gold
  • Fishing Technique: Casting/trolling/jigging
  • Target Species: Multi-species



Overview: We used the Johnson silver minnow spoon, one of the top pike lures, on various types of fish, and although it repels weeds, pikes seem to like it. It has an indisputably high hook-up ratio.

Even though some would say that spoons are past their prime, in our experience, these outstanding lures for pike are still cutting through weed beds like no other and catching active pike fish 100 years after their invention.

FEATURES: The Johnson silver minnow spoon performs well for slower retrieves and can pull through thick underwater vegetation and the densest weed beds out there. As a very versatile and efficient lure, it is a must-have for every fisherman’s tackle box. It can cast very long, and it won’t twist your line. It can also be trolled, jigged, or just twitched to the bottom.


Suitable for Long Casting

Rattlin’ Rapala

Rapala Rattlin

WHY WE LIKE IT: This Rattlin’ Rapala jerk bait equipped with a rattlin’ BBs sound chamber, attracts hungry predators using harmonic frequencies as a secret weapon against the pike fish. With the addition of the classic lure Rapala wobble, these jerk baits allow for some amazing action. By the way, it’s considered one of the top pike lures and listed among the best Rapala for bass.

  • Features: Classic lipless designs with a unique-tuned sound chamber with rattling BBs
  • Color: Available in 6 colors including Multi, Firetiger, Silver, and Shad
  • Fishing Technique: Long-casting
  • Target Species: Bass, Northern Pike



Overview: This one is a high-quality Rapala lure with sounds that awaken the curiosity of lurking pike and other fish species. Featuring a lipless design, this lure is very effective and offers long-casting. Also, it gave us an amazing action on very slow-to-very-fast retrieval rates.

FEATURES: Elevate your angling game with best pike lures, this versatile powerhouse that delivers unmatched performance across various retrieval speeds. Its innovative sound chamber allures and captivates even the most elusive pike, while its superior hooks guarantee a secure and thrilling battle. Step up your fishing experience with this professional-grade pike lure.


Most Durable


WHY WE LIKE IT: The BOOYAH Pikee lure is an amazing spinner bait many anglers like to use for northern pike fishing. It is very durable and can fend off aggressive pike jaws.

  • Features: Ultra-tough Vibra-FLX wireframe and a 12-inch steel leader
  • Color: Available in 7 colors including Midnight, Red Craw, and Shadtreuse
  • Fishing Technique: Spinning
  • Target Species: Pike



Overview: These pike magnets are great for catching bigger fish species, especially large pike fishing. The skirt on the lure is very dense and, together with the blades that give quite the vibration and thud, produce a dynamic beating action.

We’ve used the BOYAAH Pikee at very slow speeds and found it to be a great pike bait for cold-water fishing. Looking for something else? Check out the best perch lures for the money

FEATURES: For the best pike lures, look no further than this exceptional spinner. With solid weight specs and a robust design, it’s a must-have in any angler’s arsenal, particularly for those targeting big fish. It excels in open water, enticing strikes fearlessly despite sharp teeth. Moreover, its extensive range of colors allows for optimal customization. Upgrade your fishing gear with this professional-grade pike lure.


For Large Fish

Storm WildEye Live Pike Lure

Storm WildEye Live Pike

WHY WE LIKE IT: We were pleasantly surprised when casting Storm WildEye Live Pike, as its holographic appearance immediately drew the attention of the pike population. The size may be too big for some, but it worked well for us since pike typically prefer larger prey.

  • Features: I-Bolt system, VMC needle point hook, treble belly hook.
  • Color Availability: Multi
  • Fishing Technique: Casting
  • Target Species: ‎Northern Pike



Overview: The Storm WildEye Live Pike has natural-looking appearance never fails to draw pike. Thanks to its lifelike swimming action, you’ll never have a problem provoking pike out of their hiding places. Checked! It’s also one of the best swimbait for bass.

FEATURES: This pike lure is multi-colored and mimics the appearance of real life. It features an I-Bolt system, a VMC needle point hook, and a treble belly hook.



Dardevle Pike Lure

Weedless Dardevle Spoons

WHY WE LIKE IT: Dardevle Weedless was explicitly designed to deal with thick underwater vegetation where you can find and catch a big pike hiding out. The lures are made of high-quality brass with a nickel finish and long-lasting enamels and a strong steel hook that extends as a weed guard. This lure is also one of the best walleye lures.

  • Features: Single weedless hook
  • Color: Red/White
  • Fishing Technique: Casting
  • Target Species: ‎Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye



Overview: The Dardevle performs best in freshwater fishing conditions. It is incredible for freshwater gamefish. We tried to provoke violent strikes by swinging it side to side, which seemed to work with a few hungry predators. Because this spoon is ideal for dealing with weed beds, the larger pike and other larger fish were an easy target for us.

FEATURES: This is one of the most well-liked fishing lures on the market to this day. The Dardevle lure has an all-purpose lure style, and it’s very successful. This spoon has a distinctive wobbling action regardless if it’s cast or trolled. Alluring to all game fish, including pike, walleye, bass, and others.


Bucktail Jig

Dr.Fish Pike Lure

Dr.Fish Bucktail Jig

WHY WE LIKE IT: This Dr. Fish Bucktail Jig has a realistic, life-like appearance and glide-through swimming action. It is of premium quality, and the bucktails are strictly made in the USA. And although the price is a bit more on the expensive side, it is worth every penny. Highly durable and productive, it’s fantastic at different depths, whether fishing northern pike while giving a jig on the bottom or swimming confidently on the surface.

  • Features: 3D eyes with scaled holographic jig body, milky glow-in-the-dark bucktail jig
  • Color: White
  • Fishing Technique: Deep water trolling
  • Target Species: ‎Multi-species



Overview: This lure is armed with long-lasting large hooks that are super sharp and hidden well behind that bionic bucktail fishing jig. The tail glows in the dark and spreads out naturally in the water, giving it a vivid action. We used it in both saltwater and freshwater and were satisfied either way.

No wonder it’s one of the best northern pike lures. Whether you are fishing for lake trout or hooking short striking pike, trophy bass, or northern pike, this jig can lure and hook it.

FEATURES: The Dr. Fish is a very high-quality, durable jig with long-lasting color and glue. It performs great when beach fishing, ridding jetties, or sinking and deep water trolling.

Pike Fishing Tips

Fish for Pike Near Weeds and Structure

The best pike lures won’t help you if you’re not familiar with the type of environment pike thrive in. Since they’re ambush predators, they prefer to hide out among weeds and other structures. So, the next time you go catching pike, bring a lure mimicking a bait fish and cast it among weeds.

Vary Retrieval Speed and Depth

Pike prefer different speeds and depths at different times of the year. The trick is understanding when and how to change presentations to appeal to pike regardless of the situation.

The depth factor is constrained to a specific range at the beginning of the season in early spring since pike are typically found in shallow water. As the seasons progress, pike go deeper and require more speed.

Use a Leader and Pliers

When using smaller lures, soft plastic lures, or baitfish, it is a good choice to use wire leaders for pike, as pike may easily swallow the smaller lures or live baits. It is preferable to use a thick fluorocarbon leader if trolling for pike with larger lures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pike may bite more when using larger pike fishing lures that mimic the size of their natural prey. Because they feed on smaller fish and frogs, consider one between 4-12 inches if you don’t want to use live bait.

High quality and durability are important aspects when dealing with the pike’s sharp teeth. However, size matters, too. Because they feed on larger prey, you should invest in soft baits that mimic live bait.

While catching northern pike, it’s best to use a leader to protect the fishing line. Consider purchasing one that’s twice the length of the main fishing line.

There is a bit of a dilemma regarding the best period for pike fishing. Late May to early June is generally prime time for northern pike fishing. However, it’s also not a bad idea to fish during fall, as that’s when pike feed more than usual to boost their energy for the winter.

Pike tend to look for food at sunrise, during summertime, when the water temperature is at its lowest. However, pike is still very active in its search for food at very low temperatures, like in fall and winter.