Lowrance Hook Reveal 9 Review: An In-Depth Look

Lowrance Hook Reveal 9

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Roland Brooks

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The Hook Reveal 9-inch fish finder is one of the most potent fish finders in the Reveal series. The design targets advanced anglers who want to elevate their fishing game and catch their trophy faster and smarter.

The features the Hook Reveal 9 boasts include an intelligent sonar system, great visuals, and navigation options. You can have a clear sight of the best fishing spots at slow and moderate speeds, and even save them to create your own route.

Due to the high ratings on this device, we decided to give the unit a test and share our experience in this Lowrance Hook Reveal 9 review.

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Lowrance Hook Reveal 9 Review: A 30-second Summary

Lowrance Hook Reveal 9
Rating:4.8 ★★★★★
⛵ Mounting:Super easy
🖥️ Screen size:9 Inches

Overall, the Lowrance Hook Reveal 9 showed versatile performance with numerous features and advanced sonar technology. The interface is intuitive, and you won’t struggle with using it even as a beginner. The same goes for mounting the device, it takes about an hour to set it up and mount it on a boat.

As for the features, Lowrance Hook Reveal 9 offers outstanding Sonar software with the possibility of software upgrades and satisfying mapping options.

What Comes in the Box?

After purchasing the Lowrance hook Reveal 9, you should get the following:

The Good

The Bad

Lowrance Hook Reveal 9: First Impressions

To offer a full and trustworthy Lowrance Hook Reveal 9 Tripleshot review, we decided to give this unit a test.

Initially, we tested the Hook 9 on both a boat and a kayak to see if it works equally well for recreational and advanced fishermen. And it does. The only issue we came across was mounting the device on a kayak because it was too big. Boat owners, this one’s fitter for you.

Performance-wise, we found the device boasts amazing visuals, whereas the split screen is easy to navigate and helpful. The dual split is exquisite but you can use up to 4 images if you please. The imaging is readable as well and can be used both in bright light settings and in the rain. Also, if you’re a nocturnal angler, you have excellent night vision features.

Now, let’s elaborate more on the key performance features the Lawrance Hook Reveal 9 offers.


First off, the Lowrance Hook Reveal 9 comes with a large 9-inch screen, suitable for group fishing, but also solo rides. It i’s powered on SolarMAX, so the display can be used in direct sunlight. Also, you can adjust the brightness of the screen as it suits your terrain the most. The display is waterproof which means you can bring it on your rain fishing trips.

With the Splitshot transducer, anglers can receive various underwater data and enjoy excellent target separation – vegetation and other underwater structures – in high-end resolution. The Lowrance Hook Reveal 9 uses additional color palettes that generate readable data that even beginners can go through.

Last but not least, there is the split screen feature which allows you to view the map and sonar info at once. Adjusting the split screen is simple, just press the split screen button and follow the instructions to customize your screen.


Unlike other fish finders that use regular sonar, Lowrance relies on the CHIRP sonar which results in high-resolution underwater data. The difference between a regular and CHIRP sonar is simple. The regular sonar emits a single frequency per pulse. The CHIRP sonar, on the other hand, emits several frequencies per pulse. The more frequencies there are the clearer the images you get. Luckily, this fish finder guarantees accurate and readable underwater data.

Additionally, the Hook Reveal 9 comes with autotuning sonar that tunes to the fishing conditions and adjusts automatically. The Hook Reveal 9 also implements a TripleShot transducer, that combines CHIRP SONAR, side and down Imaging.

With it, you can get visuals of 150 ft peripherally, and 200 ft vertically.


The mapping features of this unit were exciting to explore. To begin, you have pre-loaded maps of 15,000 US and 9,400 Canadian lakes. Moreover, you get C Map Contour +, and an Insight Genesis System.

Experienced anglers want to enjoy unique fishing experiences. For such adventurers, Genesis Live is more than useful. This feature allows you to create your own map, and customize the route by marking waypoints and favorite fishing spots in real-time.

To top this off, the Lowrance Hook Reveal 9 also offers preloaded maps of 15,000 US and 9,400 Canadian inland and coastal lakes.


The Hook Reveal 9 has, unfortunately, quite unsatisfying networking capabilities. Compared to all the other features we’ve mentioned, the networking feature is, dare we say, old-school and outdated.

The Hook 9 doesn’t offer a wireless connection. So, to transfer data to other devices, you have to take out the SD card and place it inside a different device and put it back inside the Hook 9 once you are done transferring.

Not to forget, the MicroSD is not only for map storage, but you can update the software and install software upgrades with it.

Lowrance Hook Reveal 9 Wrap-Up

With a 9-inch screen, a Tripleshot transducer that allows downscan and sidescan imaging, and internal GPS and C Map Countour +, we can conclude the Hook Reveal 9 is likely the most powerful fish finder in the Hook Reveal series.

It’s perfect for advanced anglers and boat owners, as the screen size offers great visuals and from multiple angles. Anglers might find it a bit bulky when used on a kayak, so boat fishermen might make better use of it.

Only you can tell whether the Hook Reveal 9 is suitable for your fishing goals. We hope this Lowrance Hook Reveal 9 Review shed enough light on all specs and features that make this fish finder a top device to consider.