Best Castable Fish Finders [2023]

Best castable fish finder

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Roland Brooks

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Simply put, castable fish finders don’t need to be mounted, frequently using Bluetooth to connect to a smart device. It’s a neat gadget that eases the life of us anglers, but not all castable fish finders are made equal. Here are my top picks.

Top 3 Castable Fish Finders

Best Garmin Castable Fish Finder

Garmin striker cast
Garmin Striker Cast

Easiest To Use Fish Finder

Deeper Sonar PRO+
Deeper Sonar PRO+

High End Castable Fish Finder

Deeper CHIRP 2
Deeper Chirp 2

The 5 Best Castable Fish Finders

Each best castable fish finder on my list is a worthy purchase, but I understand that every angler has its needs. So, after reading sonar reviews and testing the devices myself, I have categorized the best castable fish finders into five categories.

  1. Garmin Striker CastBest Castable Fish Finder Overall
  2. Deeper Sonar PRO+Castable Fish Finder For Advanced Anglers
  3. Deeper Chirp 2High-End Castable Fish Finder
  4. Deeper Sonar PRO+ 2Smart Castable Fish Finder
  5. Deeper START SmartBeginner Friendly Castable Sonar


Best Castable Fish Finder Overall

Garmin Striker Cast

Garmin striker cast
Based on our testing this is the best castable fish finder for beginners who are on a budget.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Our experience with this device was great because we could locate fish easily with this castable sonar that has all the Garmin features to find fishing spots, and even map waypoints to find the way back. One of the best castable fish finder options on a budget.

  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Quickdraw Contours: Yes
  • Display Sonar: Yes
  • Bluetooth Pairing: Yes



OVERVIEW: The Garmin Striker Cast is an excellent pick and the first on our list, because it works well, and gives detailed images of the underwater structures. It has the castable sonar technology, which can efficiently find the right locations.

FEATURES: This fish finding tool has a compact size, but has Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi that ensure efficient connection. Moreover, the sonar technology and the quick scanning feature make a lot of difference when casting. Another excellent feature is that you get a clear view on your phone screen. This fish finder works well with android devices along with iOS.


Castable Fish Finder For Advanced Anglers

Deeper Sonar PRO+

Deeper Sonar PRO+
#1 Choice for professional anglers who want the best castable fish finder on the market.

WHY WE LIKE IT: These fish finders are reliable and did not make us lose focus on the fishing experience. Moreover, all the features work well and make it a good choice for deeper waters. We used this device on the shore and it let to some big catches.

  • Dual Beam Frequency: Yes
  • iOS and Android Compatibility: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • GPS: Yes



OVERVIEW: The Deeper Sonar PRO+ is an excellent choice for castable fish finders. It can display fish icons to prepare anglers for every species in time. This device is ideal for shore fishing as it allows shore fishermen to cast the device away from their position and retrieve maps from shallow as well as deeper areas in the sea.

FEATURES: Always brings good results because this castable fish finder has a good connectivity feature and will give you clear, and fast scans. The transducer beam angle can go up to 55⁰ which is good enough to scan any depth. You will enjoy fishing more when you have this sonar device with you.


High-End Castable Fish Finder

Deeper Chirp 2

Deeper CHIRP 2

WHY WE LIKE IT: Deeper Chirp 2 was fun to use because all we had to do was pair it and then cast it far from the boat. The battery life was good and we could enjoy fishing for many hours.

  • Night Fishing Cover: Yes
  • Higher Resolution : Yes
  • Continuous flow of frequencies: Yes
  • Surface Clutter and noise: Minimal



OVERVIEW: We recommend this fish finder for all those who want a castable device because it can scan deep in the water. Moreover, this castable sonar will cover a wide range and has a strong transducer that can scan underwater structures without difficulty. The more anglers depend on this device, the more fish they catch.

FEATURES: The Deeper Chirp 2 is one of the easiest portable fish finders and has amazing features that make it easy to locate fish in bigger areas. Shore fishing and even ice fishing will be a success if you select this castable fish finder. The sonar technology and the castable transducer work in coordination to map images on your phone screen. You do not even have to be online all the time and this device can pair with the phone to give you clear images.


Smart Castable Fish Finder

Deeper Sonar PRO+ 2

Deeper Sonar PRO+ 2

WHY WE LIKE IT: The clear scans and the wide range of this fish depth finder made it a good experience for us. We enjoyed the simple working, and clear view of the maps on our screen.

  • Three-beam Frequencies: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Target Separation: Yes



OVERVIEW: The Deeper Sonar PRO+ 2 is a good choice for anglers who want to mix up their fishing seasons. Whether you are kayak fishing, or you want to go ice fishing, this sonar and built-in transducer will be an excellent technology tool to use while fishing.

FEATURES: This fish finder is a complete feature device. You get to explore the depth of the water while you also get side view. This device does not take any space, and the Wi-Fi is strong so you get to see images without any break.


Beginner Friendly Castable Sonar

Deeper START Smart

Deeper Fishfinder START
Best castable fish finder for low budget to get started.

WHY WE LIKE IT: We enjoyed using this fish finder because of its wide range, both in terms of depth and expanse of the water. Moreover, this device does not take up any time for setup. You can easily set it up without any long settings. It is also the best cheap fish finder to try for beginners.

  • Single Beam Sonar: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Low Charging Time: Yes
  • Deep Scan: Yes
  • Sonar San Rate: 10 per second



OVERVIEW: The Deeper Fishfinder Start is a great purchase for kayak and ice fishers because it is a castable device that has a built-in transducer and a high-quality sonar. The display on the smartphone screen is comfortable and convenient.

FEATURES: Deeper has a quick scanning feature and will not disconnect because of the strong Wi-Fi signals. The wide range it covers can be mapped horizontally and vertically. All users will be able to read the maps within seconds of casting these fish finders.

What is a castable fish finder?

A castable fish finder is one that you can cast into the water and it detects fishing spots under water. This type of unit is not to be mounted on the boat, but it is sent out to the water surface. The map imaging is on the phone screen. The phone connects with the fish finder through a Wi-Fi connection.

How does castable fish finder work?

The transducer in the unit produces waves that will resonate from the underwater environment will be converted to images and you will be able to see the display on screen of your mobile device. These castable fish finders work in shallow water as well as deeper ones.

Are castable fish finders hard to use?

It is easy to use a castable fishing device because it does not require any setup. All anglers need to do is connect the device through the Wi-Fi and cast it into the water. The aim is to cast it far from the position of the angler, so that the mapping can be done for a wider area.

Why Use a Castable Fish Finder?

A castable fish finder is easy to use and offers all the same features that a mountable, or hand held device can offer. Moreover, this device gives anglers the flexibility of using the display quality of their phone to view the maps.

Buyer’s Guide

Fish Finder’s Performance

Castable fish finders are convenient and can be used in vast seas or big lakes to scan the deep waters. However, if the performance of this castable device is not on point, there will be no fun in fishing. Shore anglers rely on the performance to spot fish and then cast the fishing line.


The accuracy of the fish location is the main goal of using a fish finder. Be sure to select one of the castable fish finders mentioned here so that you can get the correct locations and eventually hook many big fish by casting the bait at the right point.


If you cast the fish finder far from the boat and it is able to cover a wide range from the boat to that particular distance, you will not be needing any other fish finder. Deeper fish finder, and even Garmin fish finders offer a wide range of scan.

Scan Depth – Chirp

A wireless fish finder with excellent castable sonar units will be a perfect way to scan depth of the water body. If a casual angler gets a fish finder with more scan depth, the achievements of catching big fish will make him/her a more seasoned angler within a few trips.


Any fish finder that is not durable, will not be a good investment. probably one of the first features to look for in a fish finder is the life span, and how sturdy it is to sustain the crashing, splashing and all other things that are part of the fishing adventure.


When shoreline fishing, you might need higher frequency to scan the lesser depths. However, if you are ice fishing, the frequency requirement would be lower. You must select a castable fish finder with varying frequencies so that it remains suitable in all water bodies. A good fish finder and GPS will be an excellent selection if you select one that has more than one frequency setting.

User Interface & Ease of Use

Who would want to use a fish finding device that is so technical that it takes away the thrill of fishing? An easy and simple interface is what everyone looks for. Instead of getting impressed with too many buttons, or a technical device that may require too much time to set up, pick a model that will be easy to use. The best castable fish finders reviewed here are easy and results are always great.

Charging Time

Most castable fish finders have less charging time but the battery life is also less then. However, some of these devices are fast charging and will take very little time to charge while the battery life is good. Garmin is known for fast charging batteries, and Deeper is not far behind either.

Battery Life 

Always seek a castable fish finder that has a long battery life so that you can enjoy fishing for long hours. Some methods of fishing are more time consuming. If you are a shore angler, you would always wish for a fish finding device that lasts longer than other fish finders. Select a smart fish finder that saves battery life, and ensures a longer run for you every time. Usually best 


Do you have an iOS or android device? Whichever one you possess, if the fish finder can connect with it, you can use it with more ease and convenience. Your smartphone screen display will be clear if the fish finder is compatible and connects. Similarly, if the fish finding technology is compatible with the display unit, and the transducer is good enough to find you more fish, while being a depth finder too, it is the most compatible device for every angler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Castable fish finders can be a valuable tool for anglers, providing useful information on fish location and depth. You can always try cheaper model before moving to more high-end models.

The battery life of a castable fish finder can vary depending on usage and the specific model, but typically it lasts several hours +. You can expect to replace current battery within two to five years of casting!

Based on our research, Garmin Striker Cast is the best castable fish finder for the money. If you want more advanced options then you should consider Deeper Sonar PRO+ or Deeper Chirp 2 models.

My Verdict

In conclusion, castable fish finders have emerged as indispensable devices, affording anglers unprecedented convenience when navigating vast bodies of water. These portable instruments facilitate exploration of profound aquatic depths, thereby endowing each cast with pronounced significance. Nevertheless, the true measure of their utility lies in their performance.

Shoreline anglers, such as ourselves, heavily depend upon these apparatuses to detect elusive aquatic denizens and execute precise casting maneuvers. The paramount objective here is accuracy, a facet adeptly addressed by the castable fish finders examined herein. The ability to pinpoint the precise locations of fish augments the likelihood of securing coveted catches.

Notably, certain models, like the Deeper and Garmin fish finders, extend their utility by offering expansive scan ranges, a boon for anglers casting into deep waters.