Best Bass Fishing Rods for Professional Anglers in 2023

Best Bass Fishing Rod for Winning Anglers

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If you are at the point when you start getting serious about bass fishing, you have probably realized that your old rod isn’t going to cut it. A good all-arounder should have certain characteristics. 

What’s more, there are hundreds of different ways to catch bass, so it’s no surprise there are many fishing rods designed for specific lures and tactics. 

In this article, we’ll go through the best bass fishing rods that every angler should consider as part of their equipment to get the best possibility of leaving with some bass. Read on to find the best 8 options.

Top 3 Bass Fishing Rods

Editor's choice for Bass Fishing Rods

Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod

Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod

Best Rated Bass Fishing Rods

St Croix Triumph Spinning

St Croix Triumph Spinning

Best Bass Fishing Rod for the Money

KastKing Perigee II Spinning Rod

KastKing Perigee II Spinning Rod

The 8 Best Rods for Bass Fishing​

  1. Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting RodEditor’s Choice for Bass Fishing Rod
  2. St Croix Triumph Spinning  – Best Rated Bass Fishing Rod
  3. KastKing Perigee II Spinning RodBest Value Bass Fishing Rod
  4. Penn Battalion II Inshore SpinningBest Sensitivity Bass Fishing Rod
  5. 13 Fishing Omen BlackBest Lightweight Bass Fishing Rod
  6. Ugly Stik GX2 Casting RodBest for Big Bass Fishing Rod
  7. St Croix Mojo Bass CastingBest Casting Bass Fishing Rod
  8. Abu Garcia Pro Max Spinning ComboBest Combo Bass Fishing Rod


Editor's Choice

Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod

Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Dobyns Casting rod wins this round thanks to its sturdy design made to handle even the mightiest bass! It’s an all-around reliable rod that ensures your comfort while you’re out on the water. This is the best bass fishing rod for the money!

  • Material: Graphite
  • Style: Medium/heavy, crankbait, flip, swimbait, heavy, mag heavy
  • Size: Available in 9 sizes ranging from 6’6”-8’0”
  • Color: Black/green



OVERVIEW: We can say without holding back that the Fury Series casting rod is well-balanced, light, yet powerful. If you want a high-performance fishing bass with solid construction but still offers maximum sensitivity and exceptional accuracy, this is the match for you.

We took it for a spin, and even though it is for heavy lures and lines, we were able to throw  ¼ ounce jigs. Its power and sensitivity make this rod fantastic with topwater lures, jigs, worms, and spinnerbaits. In the end, we got more bass than we expected. We recommend checking our review for the best topwater bass lures to match it up with this rod.

FEATURES: Made of high-quality materials, reinforced with kevlar wrapping, and a high AA-grade cork handle, this rod is durable and an amazing all-rounder. Its sensitivity and the combination of lightness with strength set it apart from the competition.


Best Rated

St Croix Triumph Spinning

St Croix Triumph Spinning

WHY WE LIKE IT: This fishing rod is a work of art in terms of sensitivity, strength, and hook-setting power. It features numerous actions, powers, and length combinations to elevate your spinning game and catch you a meaty bass!

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Size: Available in 6 sizes ranging from 5’0”-7’6”
  • Color: Deep Run Blue



OVERVIEW: If you want a rod that allows for responsive performance, whether you cast from the shore, lake, or river, then this should be your choice! When we used it, we found that this rod works great below every surface. 

We managed to catch several large fish with St Croix Triumph Spinning reels – it has amazing action! While here, we suggest you check out the best flipping rods if you are more into flipping fishing.

FEATURES: The lightness is due to SCII carbon, a special graphite fiber with a higher strain rate than standard carbon fiber. So, this spinning reel and rod is extremely light while remaining strong that makes it the best bass fishing rod. SCII carbon also has exceptional sensitivity – it is sensitive enough to be classified as an ultralight rod. This makes it perfect for detecting even the timidest panfish bites.


Best Value

KastKing Perigee II Spinning Rod

KastKing Perigee II Spinning Rod

WHY WE LIKE IT: If you want a budget-friendly option, the KastKing Perigee II Spinning Rod is one of your best options. It is slightly less powerful but far more sensitive if we compare it with the Ugly Stik. However, this bass rod offers all the needed characteristics – sensitivity, lightness, and enough power.

  • Material: Graphite, Carbon Fiber
  • Size: Available in 11 sizes ranging from 4’6”-7’6”
  • Style: 41 available, including ultra-light, light, medium, and heavy-power
  • Color: Black
  • Fishing Technique: Spinning



OVERVIEW: The KastKing Perigee II Spinning Rod is one of the most reasonably priced fishing rods on the market. We did not notice a big difference between it and the most expensive rods, quality-wise. 

It is available in a variety of models, allowing bass fishermen to choose the best one for their preferred technique. We used it as a bass fishing rod and trout fishing rod, but you can also use it as a saltwater rod, catfish rod, and salmon rod.  And if you are a fan of salmon, check out the best salmon fishing rods.

FEATURES: The brand constructed these fishing rods with excellent quality 24-ton carbon fiber blank for accuracy and strength. This model has a fast action and versatile light, medium, or medium heavy power rating.

The blanks also have an EVA grip, Fuji O-ring line guides, and a safe hook keeper. Coupled with the reel seat made of high-strength graphite, this rod is one of the most budget-friendly yet quality options on the market.


Best Sensitivity

Penn Battalion II Inshore Spinning

Penn Fishing Battalion II Inshore Spinning

WHY WE LIKE IT: This bass rod is a perfect choice for beginners because it is simple to use. However, that does not mean that it lacks in quality! A fiberglass and graphite rod like this one offers the ideal balance of lightweight performance, strength, and power. 

  • Material: Graphite and Fiberglass
  • Item dimensions: ‎6.63 x 1.25 x 83.13 inches
  • Size: 7’0”, 7’6”
  • Color: Black/Gold



OVERVIEW: We found the bass rod handling to be intuitive and simpler to use than baitcasting rods, making it ideal for novices. In addition, high-quality materials, like rubber shrink tubing, provide a secure grip. 

Furthermore, this is the only rod with extremely fast action. During the testing period, we caught a lot of striped bass, redfish, bluefish, and speckled trout as well. This lightweight bass rod is perfect for saltwater, especially for inshore fishing.

FEATURES: Being designed by a trustworthy brand, the Penn Battalion II Inshore Spinning is made of carbon shield and two-piece graphite composite blanks with Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides and Fuji reel seats. The quality of the materials makes it incredibly strong.


Best Lightweight Bass Rod

13 Fishing Omen Black

13 Fishing Omen Black

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Omen Black’s price tag doesn’t seem so hefty once you test out its powers for yourself. The graphite fibers are strategically interlaced, resulting in a firmer and more sensitive bass rod – just the kind you need to lure bass and defeat them in a strike!

  • Material: Other
  • Weight: 10 oz
  • Size: Available in 10 sizes ranging from 6’7”-8’0”
  • Color: Black



OVERVIEW: We have tested a lot of bass rods, so we can guarantee that this is one of the best baitcasting rods. When we used it, we saw that it was lighter, but not at the expense of durability. 

This 13 Fishing Omen Black rod features Japanese 36-Ton Toray blanks with Poly Vector Graphite technology. It is balanced, sensitive, and tough, making it an excellent rod for kayak anglers looking for the best kayak fishing rods.

FEATURES: When you combine full-cork Portuguese handles, diamond-coated guides, and an Evolve custom ported reel seat, you won’t get a better value in its class. In fact, this rod has the best features for the price, separating it from the rest of the competition.


Best for Big Bass

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

WHY WE LIKE IT: As easy as seem anglers claim that casting is, it’s still important to invest in a quality rod. The Ugly Stik, besides being a renowned fishing brand, delivers comfort and a powerful build on a budget. Consider it the perfect starter rod!

  • Material: Graphite
  • Weight: 7.2 oz
  • Size: 5’6”, 6′, 6’6”, 7′, 7’6”
  • Color: Black



OVERVIEW: Ugly Stik rods are the most durable rods on the market. The brand says that the bass rod works on the heaviest fish as well, which includes the largest bass. After trying it, we can say that it worked like a charm, as we did manage to catch some big bass.

Of course, because of the weight, we were able to make fewer casts before tiring out. Sadly, slow-action rods do not allow you to feel the tug of smaller bass.

FEATURES: The brand has made unnoticeable compromises to keep the price low, but the rod remains of high quality. The stainless steel guides and EVA handle demonstrate this. These EVA handles provide maximum comfort and secure grips. 


Best Casting Rod

St Croix Mojo Bass Casting

St Croix Mojo Bass Casting

WHY WE LIKE IT: Mojo Bass was created by fusing the company’s best technologies to deliver a successful bass fishing sesh’ every time. If you’re into sturdy yet sleek casting rods, the Mojo Bass won’t disappoint you in terms of reliability and appearance.

  • Material: Blend
  • Item Dimensions: 80 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Size: Available in 7 sizes ranging from 6’8”-7’11’
  • Color: Black Cherry Metallic



OVERVIEW: If you are in the market for an exceptional casting rod that can take on monster fish, the St Croix Mojo Bass Casting should be your first choice. We were amazed by its advanced technology that can remove transitional points in rod blanks.

The Mojo has a well-designed cork split grip, so if you enjoy that feature, this could be the best option for you. This medium-weight rod works with topwater, soft plastics, and throw jigs. Speaking of jigs, check out our article on the best jigging rods if you want to get into that game.

FEATURES: The nine guides are very small, which helps with casting. Despite the focus on the rod blank, St Croix did not overlook other aspects. Mojo Bass features a Fuji reel seat with an integrated hood, aluminum oxide guides, which are exceptionally smooth, and a handle made of high-quality cork.


Best Combo

Abu Garcia Pro Max Spinning Combo

Abu Garcia Pro Max Spinning Combo

WHY WE LIKE IT: The best thing about the Abu Garcia Pro Max Spinning Combo is that you can use it with any type of line, and it’ll always lie evenly. The rod and reel go hand in hand when chasing pesky bass.

  • Material: Graphite
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Size: 7′
  • Color: Grey



OVERVIEW: The rod and reel combo allows bass anglers to cast longer and with greater control, no matter the fishing environment or the line type. The line management system slows down the cast near the end, which improves accuracy. It also reduces the possibility of nesting in the line, which can occur on windy days. 

Although the reels are lightweight, they still have 14 pounds of drag and a retrieval rate of 27 inches. We were not only highly satisfied with the rod but managed to catch smallmouth bass and a slew of rock bass.

If you are interested in more versatile options, check out our article on the best shaky head rod.

FEATURES: The integrated reel seat with polymer comfort grip and graphite body and rotor make Abu Garcia one of the best rod and reel combos on the market. Basically, this rod is a combo of all top-quality features, outwinning other competitors.

Bass Fishing Rod Buying Guide

Rod Power

Rod manufacturers classify bass fishing rods by power, such as ultra-light, light, medium, medium-heavy, heavy, and extra-heavy. Choosing one would depend on your preference and fishing style.

Rod Action

The action of the best bass fishing rods describes where it begins to bend under load along their length. It refers to how much movement the road’s tip has.

The most used actions are medium, fast, and extra fast. A fast-action rod is stiff for the majority of its length before bending. A slow action rod begins to curve over a much larger length percentage.

Rod Length

The longer the rod, the further a bass angler can cast it, but the less precise the casts will be. A shorter rod is more accurate, but the casting distance suffers. The best rod length for a general-purpose rod is about 7 feet to get the needed length for casting while maintaining accuracy.

Fishing Environment

When selecting fishing rods, think about whether you will fish off a boat, from land, or from the beach. It is also important to consider whether the water will flow quickly or slowly. Spinning rods are the most versatile and suitable for most fishing environments.

Rod Price

Cheap rods and medium-priced rods are completely different. However, there is less difference between medium-priced rods and high-priced rods. Extremely experienced anglers require high-priced rods, but most fishermen can get the best value from the medium price range.

Lure Weight

The weight rating of the fishing rods will be listed on them, which tells how heavy a lure package they should use with that rod. It’s best to use a rod that is neither too light nor too powerful for the lures you’re fishing with. 

Rod Guides

A nice rod’s guide quality is crucial because merely adequate guides will cost you bass fish. If the guides are not made of high-quality materials and perform, they can easily wear the line, compromising the strongest braids.

Rod Modulus

Modulus is referred to as a material’s stiffness. For instance, in graphite fishing rods, modulus refers to the degree of resistance to bending or stiffness. You should know that when the same load is applied to different modulus materials, the low-modulus materials stretch further.

Best Material for Bass Fishing Rods

The best bass fishing rods are made of graphite, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or composites, which combine multiple materials in the blank. Graphite is extremely strong, stiff, and light. It is a sensitive and long-lasting material.

Fiberglass is heavier and cheaper than graphite. It is not as stiff or sensitive, but it can be extremely powerful. Carbon fiber is the lightest, stiffest, most powerful, and most pricey rod blank material. Its performance is unrivaled, but so is its cost!


Graphite bass fishing rods are known for their exceptional sensitivity, lightweight construction, and strong power. They excel in finesse techniques and situations requiring quick reaction times, making them ideal for techniques like jigging and drop-shotting.


  • Sensitivity: Graphite rods are known for their exceptional sensitivity, allowing anglers to detect even subtle bites and movements underwater. This makes them ideal for techniques that require a quick reaction, such as jigging or drop-shotting.
  • Lightweight: Graphite rods are lighter compared to many other materials, which reduces fatigue during long fishing sessions. This advantage is especially important for techniques that involve casting and retrieving for extended periods.
  • Strength and Power: Graphite rods offer impressive strength and power, enabling anglers to handle larger fish and heavy cover situations. They are well-suited for techniques like flipping, pitching, and topwater fishing.


  • Brittleness: Graphite rods can be more brittle compared to other materials, making them prone to breaking if subjected to excessive stress, especially with heavy lures or when hooking into large, aggressive fish.
  • Less Forgiving: Due to their sensitive nature, graphite rods may transmit more shock to the angler’s hands when a fish makes a sudden run or jump, potentially leading to lost fish if the angler isn’t careful.

Where to Use It?

Graphite rods are excellent for finesse techniques, such as drop-shotting, wacky rigging, and shaky head fishing. They are also great for techniques that require quick hook sets and sensitivity, like jigging and Texas rigging.


Fiberglass bass fishing rods offer durability and shock absorption, making them well-suited for tough fishing conditions and situations where fish make sudden runs or jumps. They provide accurate casting control and are often chosen for techniques such as crankbait fishing and flipping heavy cover.


  • Durability: Fiberglass rods are known for their durability and flexibility. They can handle heavy loads and intense fights without breaking easily, making them a good choice for tough fishing conditions.
  • Shock Absorption: Fiberglass rods have better shock absorption qualities compared to graphite, making them suitable for situations where fish make sudden runs or jumps. This can prevent hooks from pulling out during high-energy fights.
  • Casting Accuracy: The slower action of fiberglass rods allows for more controlled and accurate casts, which can be advantageous when targeting specific cover or structure.


  • Less Sensitivity: Fiberglass rods are generally less sensitive compared to graphite, making it harder to detect subtle strikes or changes in the underwater environment.
  • Heavier: Fiberglass rods are heavier than graphite rods, which can lead to increased fatigue during extended fishing sessions, especially when casting and retrieving frequently.

Where to Use It?

Fiberglass rods excel in techniques that require a slower presentation and better hook-setting control, such as crankbait fishing, spinnerbait fishing, and flipping heavy cover.


Composite bass fishing rods combine the benefits of both graphite and fiberglass, offering a balance between sensitivity and durability. They are versatile choices for anglers who want a rod that can handle various techniques, including jerkbait fishing and swimbait presentations.


  • Versatility: Composite rods combine the benefits of both graphite and fiberglass, offering a balanced blend of sensitivity and durability.
  • Moderate Flex: Composite rods have a moderate flex pattern that allows for better casting accuracy and control while maintaining some sensitivity. This makes them versatile for a wide range of fishing techniques.
  • Balance: Composite rods often strike a good balance between lightweight properties and strength, offering an optimal compromise for various fishing situations.


  • Cost: Composite rods can be more expensive due to their combination of features from different materials.
  • Specific Applications: While versatile, composite rods might not be the absolute best choice for extremely specialized techniques where the unique properties of graphite or fiberglass would shine.

Where to Use It?

Composite rods are great for anglers who want a versatile rod that can handle multiple techniques. They are suitable for techniques such as jerkbait fishing, swimbait fishing, and versatile topwater presentations.

Types of Rod Handles

The type of handle to use is a personal preference. EVA foam and cork are the two most common handle materials. Cork is more appealing and warmer, but it is not the best option for rough treatment.

EVA Foam

EVA foam is cooler and softer, as well as extremely durable. It is best if you plan on going on long fishing trips where you’ll be sure to battle a stubborn fish.

Rubber Shrink Tubing

Rubber shrink tubing allows a bass angler to angle the hook from the hook link. This is mainly used if you want to make aggressive rigs.


Cork is the time-honored wooden grip, has likely crossed your path on fishing journeys. Yet, when exposed to the rigors of unforgiving elements, it doesn’t endure as admirably as the subsequent pair of choices. Regrettably, its grasp falls short, which adds a touch of irony considering it carries the loftiest price tag among the trio.

Reel Seat Material

The real seat material of a bass fishing rod is crucial for comfort, control, and overall performance. It serves as the connection point between the angler and the rod, influencing the tactile experience during casting and retrieving. A quality real seat should provide a secure grip, reducing fatigue during extended fishing sessions and ensuring precise control over the rod’s movement. Additionally, the real seat material should be durable to withstand varying weather conditions and the strain of reeling in bass. It’s an integral part of the rod’s ergonomics, directly affecting an angler’s ability to effectively work lures and set hooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best rod to use is determined by the fishing technique you intend to use.

Around 80 inches spinning rod is an excellent all-around bass rod because it will give you a perfect balance of the benefits of both short and long rod lengths. For shorter anglers, a 6’6″ to 7′ rod should suffice. A 7’6″ or 8′ rod can really work in favor of taller bass anglers. 

A 9-foot-8-weight rod works best if you need a dedicated bass rod for largemouth or smallmouth bass. A medium-heavy rod works best with lines weighing 4 to 12 pounds and lures weighing 1/8 to 3/8 ounce, making them ideal for catching bass.

Maybe having a dozen bass fishing rods is nice, but for most bass anglers, three will suffice for any bass fishing scenario. When going bass fishing, anglers should always bring two rod and reel setups.

A bass rod should typically have a medium-heavy or heavy power for optimal performance in bass fishing.

The best bass rod weight depends on the specific fishing technique and conditions, but a line rating between 10-20 pounds is commonly used.

Bass rods typically range from 6 to 8 feet in length, with the most common lengths being between 6’6″ to 7’6″.
While a medium rod can work in certain situations, a medium-heavy or heavy power rod is generally preferred for bass fishing due to the fish’s aggressive strikes and fighting power.

While a medium rod can work in certain situations, a medium-heavy or heavy power rod is generally preferred for bass fishing due to the fish’s aggressive strikes and fighting power.

Short bass rods excel in tight spaces, making them ideal for accurate casts, precision fishing, and navigating around obstacles.

Final Thoughts

When selecting the ideal bass fishing rod, numerous key factors come into play to ensure a successful angling experience. The bass fishing rods’ power, spanning from ultra-light to extra-heavy, must harmonize with your distinct bass fishing style. Furthermore, the rod’s action, categorized as medium, fast, or extra-fast, significantly influences its flexibility and response when under the pressure of reeling in bass. Achieving a harmonious balance between casting distance and pinpoint accuracy, many experts recommend a versatile 7-foot length. In terms of materials, graphite emerges as an excellent choice, boasting both remarkable sensitivity and enduring durability.