Best Smallmouth Bass Lures to Try

Best Smallmouth Bass Lures - High Picks (1)

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Smallmouth bass is an individual breed in the bass family with a unique temperament. Unlike their relatives, largemouth basses are easily hooked on the vulnerability of smaller creatures, while smallmouth bass is attracted to color.

The brighter, the better! Although it seems obscure, smallmouth basses recognize colors, especially bright ones. If you’re new to bass fishing, read this guide to learn more tactics, fishing techniques, and the best smallmouth bass lure.

Top 3 The Best Smallmouth Bass Lures

Smallmouth Bass Lure For Murky Waters
Best Spinner-Bait​ - Booyah Blade

Booyah Blade

Smallmouth Bass Lure With Sharpened Hook
FOVONON Crankbaits


Most Triggered Smallmouth Bass Lure
Sougayilang Minnowbest

Sougayilang Minnowbest

Table of Contents

The Best Lures for Smallmouth Bass of 2023

1. Booyah Blade Spinnerbait – Best Smallmouth Bass Lure For Murky and Stained Waters
2. FOVONON Crankbaits – Best Smallmouth Bass Lure With Sharpened Hook
3. Sougayilang Minnowbest – Most Triggered Smallmouth Bass Lure
4. Strike King Coffee Tube – Best Soft Lure for Smallmouth Bass
5. Heddon Chug’N Spook Popper Topwater – Best Smallmouth Bass Lure For Topwater 
6. Rapala X-Rap – Best Jerkbait Lure for Smallmouth Bass
7. Senko-Worms-Bass-Fishing – Best Worm Designed Lure For Smallmouth Bass

Good Smallmouth Bass Lures: Our Review

#1 Suitable for Murky and Stained Waters - Booyah Blade Spinnerbait

Best Spinner-Bait​ - Booyah Blade

WHY WE LIKE IT: Booyah Blade Spinnerbait is a perfect lure for murky and stained waters where the only way to trigger a reaction from a smallmouth fish is by vibration. The Booyah Blade is designed to cause loud thumps that any bass can register, regardless of breed.

  • Color: Snow White, Gold Shimmer, Gold Shiner, White Chartreuse, Citrus or Silver Shad, Perch, Satin Silver Gleam, Wounded Shad, and many more
  • Dimensions: ‎3.15 x 0.39 x 2.76 inches
  • Weight: 0.04 pounds



BUYING ADVICE: If you want to fish in stained water, then you definitely need Booyah Blade Spinnerbait spinner bait. The size and weight are suitable for any smallmouth shore fishing you can pull, but also for an average smallmouth bass. We tested it in the middle of the lake, but we recommend them better in shallower water. The hooks will not withhold big fish.

FEATURES: Often, similar smallmouth lures with good vibration performance are easily worn off. However, unlike the competition, the bio-flex silicone skirt is more sustainable and can last more than an average spinner bait. The best thing about Booyah Blade Spinnerbait is that these spinnerbaits are super affordable and come in all-natural colors that could match any water condition, darker or lighter.

#2 Sharpened Hook - FOVONON Crankbaits

FOVONON Crankbaits

WHY WE LIKE IT: Fovonon is the perfect wake-up call for basses lying in bushy areas. We like their minimal yet effective design because the hooks are so sharp that they can hardly slip away once they get into the smallmouth’s mouth. Also, these are suitable for beginners or first-time anglers.

  • Color: F103, F103B, F115, F245, F260
  • Material: ‎Alloy Steel, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Plastic
  • Length: 1.18 inches
  • Weight: 0.004 pounds



BUYING ADVICE: Smallmouth basses love crankbaits, especially when they notice them cluelessly floating in the weeds. Fovonon did a great job copying the features of a real crankbait and pasting it onto their lure.

These small minnows are heavy enough to produce the same swimming pattern as the real fish prey and sharp enough to tackle any smallmouth fish. However, if you are a deep-water fishing fan, you may need to add weight to this lure so it can go down or get a new lure specifically for deep-water smallmouth fishing.

FEATURES: When it comes to the best smallmouth bass lure, Fovonon’s mini crankbaits exceed expectations. Their uncanny resemblance to small fish prey lures bass out of bushy or vegetative areas with impressive results. Crafted with a combination of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, alloy steel, and plastic, these lures boast exceptional quality. Professional anglers endorse Fovonon’s mini crankbaits for their effectiveness and durability.

#3 Most Triggered - Sougayilang Minnowbest

Sougayilang Minnowbest

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Sougayilang Minnobest is our ultimate minnow topwater lure because of the design with wounded spots and bright eyes that immediately trigger smallmouth bass. Minnows are what smallmouth typically eat, and what largemouth bass look for in the bushes. 10/10 for versatility and design.

  • Color: a mix of 10 colors per package
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Alloy Steel, Metal
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.54 x 0.98 inches
  • Weight: 0.29 pounds



BUYING ADVICE: If smallmouth bass typically eats smaller fish like minnows, why not serve it on a silver platter? This Sougayilang Minnow topwater bait is big enough to catch the attention of the smallmouth bass and big enough to create friction and tension in the water to provoke the smallie.

FEATURES: The design of the Sougayilang Minnow lure is sophisticated enough to trigger basses, especially the injured baitfish design. We confirm that power fishing lures work especially well in deeper areas where smallmouth bass usually rests and hide from bigger predators. They would instantly want to attack the wounded minnow, and you must react rationally once they do.

#4 Best Soft Bait - Strike King Coffee Tube - Best Soft Regular Bait

Strike King Coffee

WHY WE LIKE IT: This product completes the requirements of good smallmouth bass lures. The competition usually offers high prices and uses materials to make the lure less durable. Strike King, on the other hand, pays attention to all details, materials, dimensions, colors, fish preparations, and budget-friendly prices. We gave it a go and highly recommend it.

  • Color: Crazy Craw, Goby Linish, Golden Shiner, KVD Kick, Magic or Natural Goby, Watermelon Gold or Candy Green Pumpkin, and many more
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Weight: 0.1 pounds



BUYING ADVICE: Strike King Tubes come in various colors. Before picking your lure, remember to match it with the water condition. It is the easiest way to hook a smallmouth bass because they tend to go after anything that moves or provokes them. With the scent and silhouette of this lure, you will most likely land your smallmouth bass.

FEATURES: For the best smallmouth bass lure, consider Strike King Tubes. Their irresistible coffee scent and vibrant colors are a surefire way to attract smallies’ attention. The hollow head provides flexibility to add additional scents, enhancing versatility. Notably effective for largemouth bass as well, rig it with Carolina or Texas style and witness its optimal performance when submerged. We highly recommend this versatile and visually captivating lure for smallmouth bass success.

#5 Best Topwater Lure - Heddon Chug'N Spook Popper Topwater

Heddon Chug'N Spook Popper

WHY WE LIKE IT: If you are a topwater fishing fan, you must consider this topwater lure. It creates an upright rattle that triggers smallmouth fish and instantly grabs their attention. Moreover, it is affordable, well-designed, and the perfect camouflage for multiple smallmouth prey. We enjoyed using it in both fresh and salty waters, and we can confirm that it works like a charm. It definitely deserves a place in your topwater fishing lure kit.

  • Color: Orange Belly, Baby Bass, Bone/Silver, Foxy Shad, Silver Mullet, G Finish Foxy Shad or Bull Frog, Red Head Flash, Speckled Trout, Wounded Shad, and others
  • Dimensions: ‎6.93 x 1.85 x 1.02 inches
  • Weight: 0.06 pounds



BUYING ADVICE: If you’re looking for a versatile topwater lure, you won’t make a mistake with Heddon. In fact, has some of the best topwater bait styles that work for both saltwater and freshwater. This lure comes with a red mark that can drive a smallmouth bait crazy and hook them instantly, especially in clear water conditions.

FEATURES: Like other fish topwater lures, Heddon’s is not only a pretty and affordable lure but an effective one for several reasons. Despite the looks, this topwater lure can spit water while doing the walk-the-dog action and cup chugs of water. It adds water vibration that provokes smallmouth bass and, eventually, a new sound that triggers a reaction.

#6 Best Jerkbait - Rapala X-Rap

Rapala X-Rap

WHY WE LIKE IT: Jerkbaits are very popular smallmouth lures because of the swimming pattern they create that always seems to trigger smallies. Rapala offers outstanding imitating features in terms of looks (it has the appearance of the perfect prey) and overall design. The weight is just adequate to mimic the prey movement and handle a trophy smallmouth bass on the hooks.

  • Color: Silver, Blue Sardine, Glass Ghost, Grey, Multi, Olive Green, Silver Blue Mackarel
  • Dimensions: 1.06 x 1.63 x 5.93 inches
  • Material: Blend
  • Weight: 0.2 pounds



BUYING ADVICE: If you want a good product that will add friction or vibrations of a barrel in water, Rapala X-Rap is the right lure for your technique to provoke a reaction from smallmouth bass. Moreover, jerk baits are lures that will sharpen your skills and improve your game after a few tries which is one of the reasons we label them as the best bass fishing lures.

FEATURES: The Rapala X-Rap 4″ lure, the best smallmouth bass lure, impresses with its remarkable durability and quality while tackling saltwater trophies. With its two hooks strategically positioned for secure catches, this lure has proven effective for various bass species, including largemouth and striped bass. A professional angler’s personal experience vouches for its performance and reliability.

#7 Best Soft Worms - Senko-Worms-Bass-Fishing


WHY WE LIKE IT: Every angler fishing kit must contain soft worms, regardless of the level of experience. If you haven’t got yours, grab Senko worms, one of the best worms for bass. They come in 5 colors, different weights, several high-quality hooks, and beads. Plus, with the Senko worms, you will receive an O-wacky rigging tool which is a huge money saver if you prefer the wacky rigging.

The Senko’s plastic worm set contains:

  • 5 different colors of plastic worms: black, white, red, dark green, light green
  • Beads
  • Hooks
  • O-Wacky tool
  • Different weights



BUYING ADVICE: One of the main reasons we highly recommend using the Senko Worms kit is because it is a real money saver, especially for beginners. If you plan on fishing in the future but have yet to buy your first kit, you will find Senko Worms convenient and versatile. Despite catching smallmouth bass, these worms are one of the best white bass lures because of the colors.

Ultimately, you can reuse the O-wacky tool for other lures, as well.

FEATURES: For smallmouth bass lures, the Senko Worms kit stands out. It offers essential components at an affordable price, including hooks, beads, tools, and 5 worm types. Despite the simpler colors, the versatility of the hooks for other lures makes it a wise choice. A professional angler’s recommendation for a budget-friendly, all-in-one solution.

Things to Consider When Choosing Smallmouth Bass Lures

Targeting bass is challenging as they are aggressive, confrontational, and clever. To outsmart them, you should consider the following when picking the best smallmouth lures.

Weight of the Smallmouth Lures

Smallmouth lures must fill up the requirements of the bait they mimic. If the lure is too heavy, it will sink. If this relates to the actual lure it mimics, use the weight. Otherwise, remove the weight.

Additionally, you should pay more attention to the lures used in different water conditions. Always use lighter smallmouth bass lure in clear water and heaver in murky and densely vegetative lake structures. However, always aim to fish in drop-off areas because smallmouth bass usually lurks around.

Type of a Rod

With a good quality rod, reel, and action, you can go smallmouth fishing and find the best smallmouth bass lure. Check out our rod tip below if you have yet to shop for your rod or reel.

Firstly, you should know that the rod size is determined based on the fish you’re after. Targeting smallies, you need a 6-7 ft rod. For a more effective game, include the rod’s action, allowing you to throw it precisely and quickly. You can also consult an expert for the best baitcasting rod for bass.

Ultimately, if you are going after trophy smallmouth or wish to fish and drag out bass from rocky and sandy bottoms, you have to consider that the reel can hold 8-12 lines.

Realistic Lures

When you go shopping for the best smallmouth bass lure, you will notice that most fish have super realistic appearances that will land you a trophy smallmouth.

Smallmouth bass is a visual predator. They tend to go after what catches their eye, so they immediately prepare for an attack if they notice a smaller prey fish. However, remember that a smallmouth is a very clever fish. You may easily provoke them, but they can tell a meal from a trap.

Therefore, even if some lures look realistic, ensure that they mimic the movements or actions of the prey in detail. Additionally, vibrations or swimming patterns are even bigger triggers for smallmouth bass.

Seasonal Smallmouth Bass Lures

Choosing a bait or lure that is active during the fishing season is essential. As mentioned, the smallmouth bass is cunning and knows what to expect from nature every season.

Therefore, before going smallmouth bass fishing, ensure that the baits you chose will match the season or you will have difficulty catching the fish.

Best Smallmouth Bass Lure For The Money

1. Booyah Blade Spinnerbait – Smallmouth Bass Lures For Murky and Stained Waters
2. FOVONON Crankbaits – Smallmouth Bass Lures With Sharpened Hook
3. Sougayilang Minnowbest – Most Triggered Smallmouth Bass Lures
4. Strike King Coffee Tube – Soft Lures for Smallmouth Bass
5. Heddon Chug’N Spook Popper Topwater – Smallmouth Bass Lures For Topwater 
6. Rapala X-Rap – Jerkbait Lures for Smallmouth Bass
7. Senko-Worms-Bass-Fishing – Worm Designed Lures For Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Best Lure for Smallmouth Bass: Frequently asked questions

Watermelon or green pumpkin are the most common colors noted to work with smallmouth basses. However, bright colors are a recommendation if you fish in crystal-clear areas.

Smallmouth bass is a predator, but unlike the largemouth basses that wait on vulnerable prey, the smallmouth bass is lured visually. Noticing a color floating in the lake can easily capture their attention.

Smallmouth bass is most active from dawn till mid-morning, from 4 AM to 9-10 AM. Then from sunset till dusk. All basses are nocturnal fish.

The best month for smallmouth bass fishing is late fall or early spring.