Ernest Grey

Product Reviews Managing Editor. Ernest Grey loves to fish and try new gadgets. He also likes sharing his opinion on the best fishing gadgets he can find. Ernest likes to go fishing whenever he has free time and always brings his phone to record his thoughts and ideas. He recently got into the habit of taking pictures of his catches and posting them on his social media pages. No matter the weather or conditions, Ernest always has a positive attitude and enjoys every second of his time outdoors. He loves exploring new lakes, rivers, and streams and learning as much as possible about the surrounding ecology. Ernest is good at advising on various topics, whether it be which bait to use or the best fly rod to purchase. He also likes to talk and share stories with other fishermen and explorers. Whenever someone has a question, Ernest is the one to answer it and provide detailed answers based on his own experiences. He also likes to educate others on how to properly care for their gear, target specific fish, and other tips and tricks to help make the most of a fishing trip.
Ernest Grey


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