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fishing rod power and action explained
Best Fishing Rods

Fishing Rod Power and Action Explained

Fishing rods come in different sizes and shapes and vary depending on the species and fishing technique. The manufacturers ensure a specific model matches your

best bass fishing rod and reel
Best Fishing Rods

Best Bass Fishing Rod and Reel – Top Picks

Besides their mouth-watering white meat, bass are the perfect game fish for freshwater angling. And due to their unyielding nature, they can be rather fun

Best Inshore Rods of All Time - You Need These
Best Fishing Rods

Best Inshore Spinning Rods in 2023

The appropriate gear may make all the difference when it comes to fishing tackle. Yet, selecting the best rod for your needs might take a

Best Redfish Rods of All Time - You Need These
Best Fishing Rods

Best Redfish Rods in 2023

Redfish are some of the best you can fish in the US. Popular for its light meat and bright red color, the redfish is an

Best Walleye Ice Fishing Rods - Top Picks
Best Fishing Rods

Best Walleye Ice Fishing Rods in 2023

The walleye is part of the cunning perch family of fish species. That’s why the excitement associated with ice fishing for walleyes is irresistible. However,

Best Baitcasting Rod Under 0
Best Fishing Rods

Best Baitcasting Rod Under 100 Dollars

Are you tired of struggling to find the perfect baitcasting rod that you don’t have to pay a fortune for? With more and more products

Best Fishing Rod for Crappie - Top Picks
Best Fishing Rods

Best Crappie Rods for 2023 Fishing Season

Because of their small size and location, catching crappie can be a tricky thing. This is why having the best crappie rod to do the

Best Surf Fishing Rods for a Fun Day Out
Best Fishing Rods

Best Surf Fishing Rods in 2023

Surf rods, compared to other fishing rods, differ in more than just a few characteristics. Therefore, to make the best of your beach fishing, you

Best Travel Fishing Rods for the Perfect Catch
Best Fishing Rods

Best Travel Fishing Rods – Updated for 2023

Do you love traveling? Are you also a passionate fisherman? How about merging the two? There are some really fantastic travel fishing rods available that

Best Ice Fishing Rod of the Season
Best Fishing Rods

Best Ice Fishing Rods of the 2023 Season

To be able to embrace, or at least withstand, cold and occasionally harsh weather conditions that come along with frozen lakes is not a characteristic

Best Flipping Rods of All Time - You Need These
Best Fishing Rods

Best Flipping Rods: Top 6 Picks Reviewed in 2023

Flipping has become increasingly popular among the different types of fishing techniques, especially for catching your next trophy bass. This technique involves using a specific