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Best Saltwater Lures for Catching Big Fish
Best Fishing Lures

The 12 Best Saltwater Lures in 2023

If you are trying to catch big fish, regardless of whether offshore or inshore, you need to invest in some good saltwater lures. But when

Best Salmon Lures - Our Top Picks
Best Fishing Lures

7 Best Salmon Lures in 2023

Lures are distinctive, especially when it comes to the ones for catching salmon. However, before choosing the finest option for you, there are many things

Best Cold Water Bass Baits for the Short Season
Best Fishing Lures

10 Best Cold Water Bass Baits in 2023

Catching bass in cold water can be a hell of a ride! Although no one particularly wants to brave the lower temperatures and harsh wind, heading

Best Perch Lures for Catching in Any Condition (1)
Best Fishing Lures

7 Best Perch Lures & Baits in 2023

Most of the time, perch fishing can be great fun, as you can attract this fish with just several baits in your tackle box. But

Best Frog Lures for Bass - Catch More Fish
Best Fishing Lures

8 Best Frog Lures for Bass Fishing

Catching more bass – that’s the ultimate goal. But to do so, you need a great lure, and we’re here to help you choose one!

Best Spring Bass Lures - Get Ahead of the Game
Best Fishing Lures

7 Best Spring Bass Lures of 2023

If the devil’s in the details, then choosing the best spring bass fishing lures proves this right. If you are out bass fishing, you must

Best Trout Baits - The Proven Winners
Best Fishing Lures

6 Best Trout Bait to Catch More

Your success depends on technique and knowledge when fishing for trout. So before you get into your boat, you should gather some knowledge on how

Best Surf Fishing Lures You Must Try
Best Fishing Lures

Best Surf Fishing Lures You Must Try in 2023

All waters bring some excitement when fishing, but sea fishing is something different. For us, it’s the salt that elevates the fishing lures or the

Best Cobia Lures for a Successful Fishing Trip
Best Fishing Lures

The 6 Best Cobia Lures [Tips Included]

Did you know that cobia can live between 10 years to 15 years? Cobia fish are fierce feeders who search for food from the surface

Our top 3 lures for striped bass fishing
Best Fishing Lures

The Best Lures for Striped Bass of 2023

You can fish for striped bass anywhere. They thrive in freshwater lakes and rivers where they love to lie in ambush around structured areas. In

Best Lipless Crankbaits - The Silent Killer
Best Fishing Lures

The Best Lipless Crankbaits in 2023

Have you ever gone fishing and found that you need something to help you catch the fish that lurk in the deep below? A lipless

Best Brown Trout Lures for All Anglers
Best Fishing Lures

7 Best Brown Trout Lures in 2023 (Tested)

Did you know that manufacturers have upped their game this year and presented new-technology baits to take your trout fishing trips to the next level?

Best Hair Jigs - A Must Have in Your Tackle Box
Best Fishing Lures

Best Hair Jigs For Bass in 2023

Hair jig fishing is a tale as old as time. Many anglers will tell you that perfecting the technique (to fish with a hair bait)

Best Redfish Lures for Easiest Prey Every day
Best Fishing Lures

8 Best Redfish Lures & Baits in 2023

Catching redfish can be both a fun and exhausting adventure. However – out of our fishing experience and the experience of other professional redfish anglers

Best Rapala for Bass - The Classic Never Fails
Best Fishing Lures

Best Rapala Lures for Bass in 2023

Rapala crankbaits are famous for catching bass from early spring all the way into late fall and further. You can use them to fish in

How To Fish A Jerkbait
Best Fishing Lures

How To Fish A Jerkbait

As an angler, casting bait is not enough. You need the right bait for the type of fish you’re targeting. You must also be avid

Best Freshwater Lures for Productive Fishing
Best Fishing Lures

14 Different Types of Lures

There’re numerous freshwater fishing lures – spinnerbaits, crankbaits, poppers, spoons, jigs, and many more! However, not all are equally effective and initiate strikes in different