Best Bass Lures for Summer Fishing in 2023

Best Bass Lures for Summer - Our Top Picks

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In July 2009, the biggest bass was caught in Lake Biwa in Japan it was 22 pounds and 5 ounces and measured 29 inches in length. You don’t have to catch the largest bass, but you can try to be as good as possible in your fishing. And you don’t have to slow down your bass fishing during the hottest time of year! Many anglers benefit from the summertime bass bite. 

However, as bass patterns change during the year, anglers must adapt as well, so you must experiment with different depths and lures. The market has a lot of options, so this makes lure shopping difficult, especially because you can’t test them prior.

But, to help you find the right one, we have a list of the best summer bass fishing lures. We also go over the pros and cons of each one of them and recommend the best lure to help you achieve your summer bass fishing goals.

Top 3 Summer Bass Lures

Best Overall Summer Bass Lure

Gary Yamamoto

Gary Yamamoto

Best Rated Bass Lure for Summer

Best Spinner-Bait​ - Booyah Blade

Booyah Blade

Best Summer Bass Lure for Versatility

Zoom Fluke

Zoom Fluke

Best Summer Bass Lures: Our Recommendations

Gary Yamamoto

Gary Yamamoto

WHY WE LIKE IT: Gary Yamamoto is one of the best baits we’ve found for eliciting numerous bites from big bass in the summer. A Gary Yamamoto looks like a large meal to fish, attracting the bass efficiently as it eats more during summer. When the bass is sitting in shallow grass or other rough structure, a Gary Yamamoto is a fantastic pattern to use. 

  • Length: 3 – 5 inches
  • Weight: 0.01 – 0.02 pounds
  • Color: Tenessee Shad



OVERVIEW: There are many options for Gary Yamamoto fishermen to choose from. This summer bass lure is easy to use for both novice and experienced anglers. There are several sizes and then several colors for each size. When it comes to color, you should use ones that stand out, like baits with silver and gold flakes, and reflect more light for dark and murky waters. If you are fishing in clear waters, the best choice is green Gary Yamamoto which has the most natural look.

FEATURES: Gary Yamamoto worms are the world’s most popular lure for a reason. Whether in the fall or summer, you can catch fish in all types of water and conditions with this lure. The Gary Yamamoto proved to be solid and should be considered as one of the best summer bass lures for summer fishing. Big fish, small fish, every fish will bite on this. It works where other baits do not.

The Gary Yamamoto has a great natural, subtle look and can get through anything. It has a very natural fall, so it will not spook the bass like other larger baits. Texas, Shaky head, and Carolina are the most popular rigs for Gary Yamamoto.

Booyah Blade

Best Spinner-Bait​ - Booyah Blade

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Booyah Blade spinnerbait is an excellent winter bass lure choice for murky water. The realistic skirt and head provide a lifelike action, and it works wonders to attract bass. 

  • Length: 5 inches
  • Weight: 0.04 pounds



OVERVIEW: What we love the most is that the Booyah Blade spinnerbait successfully pulled through different vegetation. Their bright and loud presentation is especially appealing to the bass in summertime. When you combine this with the fact that you can pull them through vegetation, you have the ideal versatile lure for fishing largemouth bass

FEATURES: The Booyah Blade Spinnerbait is available in a variety of designs, including different blade and body sizes, and you can use trailers with them. Because of this versatility, anglers can catch bass deeper in the water column or right at the water’s surface.

Zoom Fluke

Zoom Fluke

WHY WE LIKE IT: Fluke’s design makes it effective while also making it versatile. Zoom Flukes are excellent lures that can be fished in various ways. They are perfect for the Alabama Rigs. 

  • Length: 4 inches
  • Weight: 0.01 pounds
  • Color: Albino, Baby Bass, Disco Violet, Smoking Shad, Watermelon Seed, White Ice, and White Pearl



OVERVIEW: We love that it is perfect for sea bass, trout, and bluefish. We tried it both weightless and with a jig and found it works great. If you are looking to use a jig, you should definitely try the Alabama/Umbrella rigs.

FEATURES: With amazing action and good water displacement, Zoom Fluke draws a lot of attention. Zoom uses a salt mixture in its lures to make the bass hold on for longer periods, resulting in more hookups. Because of its design, you can use it weightless, with a shakey head or belly-weighted hooks, so it’s a very versatile lure for summer bass.

Yum Dinger

Yum Dinger Classic

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Yum Dinger has earned a reputation for being a versatile lure that can catch summertime bass no matter if they are feeding or not. Actually, no other lure style attracts inactive bass like this product. It can be Carolina, Texas, or wacky rigged, and it can catch bass when other lures fail.

  • Length: 4 inches
  • Weight: 0.013 pounds
  • Color: Bama Bug, Red Shad, Cranberry, and 42 other color options



OVERVIEW: The Yum Dinger is a very cost-effective option and one of the best plastic worms. We tried it out Carolina-rigged, Texas-rigged, wacky-rigged, and threaded onto a shaky head. So if you are looking for a versatile lure, this is the one for you.

They have worked best for us as a finesse bait, allowing the lure to do the work as it falls with only the hook providing weight. And we must admit that the chartreuse tip is a winner. The Yum Dinger also includes a slot to help make the Texas rig more weedless.

FEATURES: The Dingers dart and glide through the water when rigged weightless, making it an excellent lure for targeting shallow fish as well. When used on a wacky rig, this product’s slow fall and parabolic waving movement is an excellent choice for every condition during the summer.

Strike King 10XD

Strike King 10XD

WHY WE LIKE IT: Strike King developed an entire line of soft plastics with a small raised ridge along one edge of the lure. The Strike King bass lures are one of the most innovative, effective, and versatile soft-plastic fishing baits ever created for summertime fishing. 

  •  Length: 6 inches
  • Weight: 0.125 pounds
  • Color: Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Nude, Powder Blue Black Chart, Sexy Blue Black Herring, and Tenessee Shad



OVERVIEW: They are ideal for structure fishing. You can use them in canals, ponds, or streams with underwater obstacles. They cut right through the weeds and don’t get stuck on a log or rock. You need to choose the color combination depending on the clarity of the water and the time of day. The Tenessee Shad and the Powder Blue Black Chart would be the best for dark and murky conditions, while the Nude is best for clear water.

FEATURES: Strike King summertime bass lures provide you with an exceptional fishing experience. You can target different species of bass fish in a variety of colors and weights. You can also select from an amazing selection of swimbaits, trailers, frogs, creatures, sticks, and more. 

Heddon Zara Spook

WHY WE LIKE IT: Zara Spook is the undisputed king of topwater. Zara Spook bass lures have a walk-the-dog action that has been proven to catch big fish. The Zara Spook has a distinct, sauntering action that has resulted in numerous tournament victories at all levels of summer bass fishing.

  • Length: 3 inches
  • Weight: 0.015 pounds
  • Color: Baby Bass, Natural Perch, and 16 other color options



OVERVIEW: If you’re looking for a great topwater spring bass lure, then the Zara Spook, inventor of the walk-the-dog technique, is the one for you. If you do the walk-the-dog action correctly, the Zara Spook should walk back and forth across the surface, leaving a gentle wake. It’s a challenging technique to learn, but once you do, you’ll attract fish from great distances.

FEATURES: The Zara Spook invented the walk-the-dog action, and besides being copied many times over the last few years, the Zara remains the king of topwater fishing. Besides the perfect walk-the-dog action, what distinguishes this summer bass lure from the other top water options on the market is the sound. The rattles really draw the fish in for a closer look.

Summer Bass Fishing Strategies

Understanding the basic nature of bass during the summertime is the key to having successful bass fishing during the hottest time of the year.

Fish Early and Late In the Day

A general rule of thumb for summer bass fishing is to fish early in the morning and then come back in the evening. During this time of the day, the bass is feeding, and you get higher chances to find them in the shallow areas of the water where their prey is.

Fish in the Shade

However, if you want to fish during the day, look for bass in the shade and deeper pockets. During the day, the bass seeks out cooler pockets of water. Bass fish are cold-blooded, and the water temperature around them regulates their body temperature, so that’s the reason why they seek shade in cooler areas of the water.

Fish Deep

Large bass requires more oxygen, so they will seek out areas with adequate levels. Fish deep to catch a big summertime bass during the heat of the day. We recommend choosing a deep diving crankbait if you want to go deep while covering a lot of ground.

Fish Slow

Under any circumstances, the bass doesn’t move at a constant rate; they swim for a short distance, stop, and then move again. So, try to move your bass lure slower and pause it to make it appear more natural.

Fish Structure

Deep water pockets, coat docks, laydowns, and humps deep water pockets are all excellent places to fish during the summer. But when fishing along edges, drop-offs, and laydowns, it’s best to use a mid-depth lure such as chatter bait.

Summer Bass Lures Techniques

Punching Rigs

Punching is one of the most effective techniques for getting bass to bite. When the bass is hiding in dense vegetation, the punching method can be the only way to get them out. Punching rigs are lures that are designed to penetrate thick surface vegetation and reach the bass beneath.

Topwater Frogging

The easiest way to catch summertime bass fish is to imitate what they eat, and frogs are an important part of their diet. So, topwater frog lures are an effective bait for bass. They have a frog appearance, and also, by imitating frog movements, the lure can easily pass for the real thing. This technique works best in logs, thick grassy areas, lily pads, and so on.

Skipping Jigs & Soft Plastics

Plastic lures have a realistic action that attracts bass. This technique, which resembles live bait, can be effective when bass fishing. The soft bodies feel like real prey to bass, so they may outperform hard lures. Soft plastics can be weedless depending on how they are rigged and thus work in areas with dense cover.

Deep Diving Crankbaits

Deep diving crankbaits are one of the best summer lures. Bass tends to congregate much deeper in the water during the day when the temperature is cooler. Deep-diving crankbaits are an excellent technique for getting your bait into deeper water. 

Summer Bass Lures Buyer’s Guide


If the water is clear, we recommend matching the natural appearance of the bass. Lures in natural colors can easily fool fish in clear water. However, if visibility is an issue, use bold colors. When fishing in murky waters, a bold color will help the lure stand out and be visible.

Type of Cover

Soft plastics, topwater frogs, or weedless jigs are great choices for fishing in dense vegetation. When fishing rocks or wood, various baits can work, including spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jerk baits, and swimbaits, which can cover water and locate the active bass.

Water Depth

Bass lures should differ based on the water depth.  For deep waters, heavier lures or those with bigger diving lips will be best. A light bass lure or topwater is best suited for shallow water.

Frequently Asked Questions

The basic rule is to use brightly colored bass lures in muddy water and light, natural colors in clear water. The logic is that silt reduces a bass’ visibility, and colors like orange or yellow are easier to see than smoke or pumpkinseed.


Some bass lures, like the lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and Yum Dinger lures, can be used for both shallow and deep-water bass fishing by simply changing the retrieve speed. This makes them an excellent choice, particularly during the early summer when you can find schooling bass fish at different depths.

The most important thing is to keep your lures away from direct sunlight since sunlight distorts bass lures. Also, if you keep them jam-packed into a small box, you can cause permanent kinks, so store them separately. And don’t forget to wash them with warm water to dissolve salt crystals.