The 7 Best Bluegill Lures

Best Bluegill Lures

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Bluegills are widely known freshwater fish native to the North American region. Fishing them depends mainly on your location — in some areas, you can fish them all year round. But you certainly can’t miss them during spring and summertime – regardless of where you live.

All in all, catching bluegills can be tricky. So, if you want to improve your bluegill fishing skills seriously, you’ll need the right artificial bait for bluegill the market offers.

Stay with us as we list the best bluegill sized lures you must have in your tackle box.

Top 3 Bluegill Lures

Best Bluegill Fishing Lures For Top Water

Rebel Lures Crickhopper

Rebel Lures Crickhopper

Best Metalic Body Bluegill Fishing Lures

Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail

Yakima Bait

Best Bluegills Fishing Lures In Open Water

Berkley Johnson Silver

Johnson Silver Minnow

7 Best Bluegill Lures

  1. Rebel Lures CrickhopperBest Bluegill Fishing Lures For Top Water
  2. Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster TailBest Metalic Body Bluegill Fishing Lures
  3. Johnson Silver MinnowBest Bluegill Fishing Lures In Open Water
  4. Acme PhoebeBest Spinning Bluegill Fishing Lures
  5. Blakemore TTI Fishing Co Road Runner BulkBest Bluegill Fishing Lures For Big Fish
  6. RapalaBest Bluegill Fishing Lures For Cold Season
  7. Johnson Nickel BladeBest Bluegill Fishing Lures For Casting


Best Bluegill for Top Water

Rebel Lures Crickhopper

Rebel Lures Crickhopper

WHY WE LIKE IT: The ultralight waking crankbait has an honorable place on our list of best lures for bluegills for a good reason. The Rebel Lures Crickhopper bait exists solely to indulge this species to the maximum by faking a natural bait. Aside from its magnificent crankbait features, this product is an ultralight topwater lure used to catch various game fish.

  • Size: 1 1/2 inch, 1 3/4 inch, 1/4 inches (big hopper), 3/32 (crickhopper)
  • Weight: 0.02 Pounds
  • Colors: Black, Brown (Cricket), Fire Tiger, Sunburst, Green, Yellow (Grasshopper), Hot Head, Summer Hopper
  • Material: Blend
  • Target Species: Trout, Bluegill, Crappie, and other panfish



Personal Advice: We decided to have some fun with it and took it out on the lake to see what curious fish would strike a bite. To our surprise, besides bluegills, we caught trout, sunfish, and even bass. All you need is to keep it floating in the water like a struggling insect slowly drowning and use a twitching technique.

This little cricket hits all the right spots. For an even better experience, you should check out some of our selection of crankbaits rods.

FEATURES: Its multifunctionality and perfect resemblance to an actual grasshopper is unbeatable. Can be used as a topwater or a crankbait for multiple species.


Best Metalic Body

Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail

Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Yakima Bait Rooster Tail uses its distinctive spinning action and breathing tail to captivate small trout, crappies, and panfish. Its reflective, metallic body helps it transform into a hard-to-ignore lure. In the meantime, the long rooster tail trailing behind efficiently hides its sharp blade taking predators by surprise.

  • Size: 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/6 oz, 1/8 oz, 1/16, 1/24 oz, 1/32 oz, 3/4 oz, 3/8 oz
  • Weight: o.o2 pounds
  • Colors: Black, Black Chartreuse, Brown Trout, Bumblebee, Chrome Whitetail, Pumpkin Seed, and many others (124 different colors in total)
  • Material: Silver, Brass, Copper blade, and blended body



Personal Advice: You can use this spinner bait throughout the year. But we suggest using it during winter or summer to get the most out of it. Out of curiosity, we tried fishing the Brown Trout color with a flat gold blade in darker water and it worked like a charm!

And if you want to see the rooster tail’s true performance cast it in a moderately playful water surface. Keep your eyes on it, and watch how the current encourages the moves of an actual baitfish.

FEATURES: The rooster tail spinner stays true to its name – it’s capable of spinning around in the water, making vibrations with its genuine metal blade.

The metal body of the bluegill lure comes in 124 color variations (natural, UV, glittery, fluorescent, etc.) complemented by a flat spoon that adds more visuals even in poorly lit waters.

The breathing hackle tail doesn’t make things easy for small or larger fish to control their curiosity, either.


Best in Open Water

Johnson Silver Minnow

Berkley Johnson Silver

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Johnson Silver Minnow is a blade brass old as time and a proven recipe for bluegill fishing. It’s made to mimic a wounded fish, which bluegills particularly like.

  • Size: 2 1/2 inches (1/2 oz)
  • Weight: 0.04 Pounds
  • Fishing style: Long cast
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Blend
  • Grip Size: Array



OVERVIEW: We tried this product on open water inhabited by a weedy structure, which proved pretty practical. The metal weed guard outdid itself and is one of its most handy features. It helped the blade move smoothly, cutting the water and passing through the weed lines better than a quarterback.

And something else we favor about the silver minnow is its versatility. Most anglers often use it for long casts. Moreover, with some vertical jigging or trolling in the deep, the underwater flashes will help you locate schools of panfish.

FEATURES: The market only offers a few panfish lures like this one. Its build and design are perfectly proportioned and plated with pure silver (some with 24-karat gold) for brighter reflection. Has a 35-degree rocking motion to imitate wounded fish without twisting your line.


Best Spinning Bluegill Lure

Acme Phoebe

Acme Phoebe

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Acme Phoebe is an American-made true classic spoon with a perfect fish-look-like shape that is hard to resist. Once you see how its hydrodynamic body cuts through the water like a real live bait, i.e., swimming fish, you’ll fall in love with it and catch fish like a pro. So, it’s not surprising that it catches the attention of anglers as much as it does bluegills.

  • Material: Metal/Copper
  • Size: 1/4 oz, 1/6 oz, 1/8 oz, 1/12 oz
  • Color: Brown Trout, Metallic Perch, Silver, Copper, Rainbow Trout, Silver/Neon Blue, Silver/Neon Green
  • Pieces per pack: 1
  • Target Species: Trout, Bass, Walleye, Pike, Pickerel, and other light saltwater species
  • Weight: ‎0.01 Pounds



Personal Advice: This copper baitfish works like a charm for bait fishing in different waters, and you can simply cast it in shallow or deeper water. We used this spoon for long-distance casting, which worked well since we could cover water.

Make some space in your bucket because we took home some (rainbow) trout and bass aside from bluegill. However, you won’t go wrong using it for walleye and pickerel fishing.

FEATURES: This product is the perfect 3D illusion that makes fish go crazy, bringing you more catch than any lure before. Its shape was developed to glide across the water without letting the pressure drag or slow it down. And unlike many other fishbaits, this one makes fishing looks so easy.


Best for Big Fish

Blakemore TTI Fishing Co Road Runner Bulk

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Blakemore TTI Road Runner is one of the few fishing lures that never fails you when trolled. The attached tiny head hooks can catch a largemouth bass or bluegill better than any other lure.

  • Size: 1/8 oz, 1/16 oz, 1/32 oz
  • Color: Chartreuse, (Fluorescent) Red, Pink, Silver, White
  • Material: Plastics and metal
  • Pieces per pack: 5
  • Target fish: Bass
  • Weight: 0.008 pounds



Personal Advice: Unlike most light jig head lures we’ve used, the Road Runner can put up a solid fight against larger fish. We tested it with and without artificial bait (minnow, curly tail grub) attached to it and fished out a bunch of crappies, some bluegill, bass, and walleye. The tail-end blade only adds to your benefit with the claps and vibration driving fish crazy.

FEATURES: The Road Runner features sticky sharp hooks and a nickel over brass Indiana blade. It’s made from high-quality material that’s durable and will last you a long time.


Best for Cold Season

Rapala Jiggin Rap

Rapala Jigging Rap

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Rapala Jigging Rap has a way of calling out all bluegill when it’s freezing cold. Moreover, it’s your best fish tactic for a suspended game or going around in circles under the thick ice in solid winter seasons.

  • Size: 2-3/4″
  • Weight: 0.01 Pounds
  • Material: Blend
  • Hooks: Single Reversed
  • Colors: Silver, Chrome Blue, Multicolor (2 different combinations)
  • Target Fish: Various Trophy Fish and Bass



Personal Advice: We certainly appreciate that we can rely on Rapala jigging rap in summer or winter. However, we marked outstanding success with it during mid-January ice fishing. Because of its body design, you can quickly and effectively use the yo-yo technique with a vertical presentation/line down an ice hole.

But, whatever you do, make sure not to rush things. This Rapala ultralight floating minnow jig is all about slow and steady fishing for bass, bluegill, and various gamefish.

On another note, you might want to avoid using this lure in water with a weedy area or other likely structure. The end hooks attached to the body could easily tangle up in the weeds. You can also check our Rapala Lures for Bass Buyer’s Guide.

FEATURES: The Rapala lure has a balanced design and a minnow profile. Comes with single reversed hooks, center treble & eyelet. Comes in natural, UV, and glow colors for more versatility. Consider pairing it with the best ultralight fishing rods to ensure everything is smooth.


Best for Casting

Johnson Nickel Blade

Johnson Nickel Blade

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Johnson Nickel Blade is an all-encompassing lure for bluegill that many anglers have used for five decades. They’re versatile, and therefore, any fishing technique or style can be easily applied when catching bluegill or other species. This particular feature enables this product to be equally approachable to novice and more avid anglers.

  • Size: 1-1/2 inches
  • Weight: 0.0006 pounds
  • Nickel Blade
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Color: Black/Yellow
  • Target Species: Panfish
  • Fishing Style: Casting



Personal Advice: We tried the Johnson Beetle Spin with a good old cast and slow, steady retrieve style from a dock. The nickel blade and its soft body worked like a charm on (small) bass, crappies, and small fish. Though its weedless design swiftly passes anywhere, our best advice is to stay away from areas with thick moss and avoid getting stuck.

And best of all, you can use it to catch bluegill by employing techniques like casting it or troll it on a weed line. This is great news for anglers with different fishing backgrounds.

FEATURES: The Johnson Beetle Spin is great fun, no matter the water structure (bays, docks, fallen trees, etc.). Its body, as much as it’s surprising, puts on action like no other lures for bluegill and other small or large fish. The well-designed profile of a polycarbonate jig head/spinner bait complemented with a nickel blade makes it a among best bluegill imitation lure choice.

Bluegill Lure Types


Grubs are lures made of soft plastics, usually between 2 and 4 inches long. These are often used to stimulate lifelike worms. Worm-like movements are easily done with these baits because of their curly tails (twin or single tails).

All it’s needed is a properly executed technique to achieve the effect. You can find various colors of these baits (chartreuse, salt and pepper, smoke, etc.). And you’ll also find some that are scented.


Spinnerbaits consists of a wire frame that alludes to a 90-degrees safety pin. Most of the time, the ones you’ll encounter are decorated with a rubber skirt around the hook. These baits are widely known for their breathing skirt, which sets the entire action and purpose of luring fish.

Additionally, the attracting effect is emphasized by their blade’s ability to produce vibrations and reflect flashes.

Inline Spinners

The inline spinner is commonly used to attract fish like lake trout or to trigger a fierce attack from other predators. These lures work in shallow waters but are often the go-to choice for waters with low clarity. They serve the purpose of mimicking shiny minnow, and the result is always satisfying in combination with the spinning blade.


The rigs’ essential components include a bobber, a sinker, a hook, a swivel, and artificial lures/live baits. Though preferably, anglers use them by attaching live bait to them like minnows, worms, larvae, etc. Some also contain a sound chamber to produce rattles and noise. You can use rigs to catch bluegill, trout, bass, etc.


Spoon lures are known for their wobbling and wiggling movements in the water. This characteristic is furthermore accompanied by their shiny metal bodies. Bluegills and other lakes/river panfish find it hard to resist the spoons’ motions and bright flashing. For more effective fishing, use silver, gold, or copper colors.

Floating Minnow

The floating minnow lures are popular among anglers and excellent for attracting different predators. You’ll notice significant fishing results if you use them near shorelines, shallow waters, or when fishing current breaks.


A popping tackle bears the name because of its ability to jump on the surface and skip across the water. The sound and appearance of a fish in distress work like a charm on the bluegill’s predatory instinct.

Imitation Minnows

Fake or imitation minnows are used with one purpose solely — to resemble lifelike natural baits successfully. Most of the time, they come with a deep-diving lip to effortlessly reach the desired depth. This is especially important since bluegills tend to stay near the bottom of cold waters during winter.


The jigging fishing method is the best technique known for performing jerky-like vertical movements. This technique uses a heavy lure like hair jigs or weight attachment for a vertical line to be established appropriately, which works perfectly when catching bluegills. Depending on the lure you choose, you can locate schools of bluegill even with the lightest jigs. More high end jigs you would find in our detailed list of bass jigs. Nevertheless, that they are more intended to bass species that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for bluegill fishing at all. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Like any other gamefish, bluegills also fall for artificial baits. The most important thing is to choose the right ones that mimic their preferred prey.

In the wild, bluegill lives for an average of 4-6 years, while in captivity, they can reach a maximum of 11 years.