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Surf Fishing for Beginners: How to Surf Fish

Surf fishing is as rewarding as deep-sea fishing. You can enjoy catching mackerel, flounder, rockfish, and more fish species from the shoreline. Imagine that! You

Different Types of Bass

Due to America’s fascination with bass, a multi-billion dollar leisure and sporting events industry has emerged. One thing that sets bass fishing apart is there

Is it worth fishing at low tide
Fish ‘n’ Tips

Is it Worth Fishing at Low Tide?

Surf fishing at low tide can be challenging but is worth trying. Low water levels push fish into inactivity, narrowing your fishing area. The real

how to choose the right fishing line
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How to Choose The Right Fishing Line?

Fishing lines play an essential role in your angling adventure. They are the ones that connect the bait or lure to the rod. A fishing

what is ultralight fishing
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What Is Ultralight Fishing?

Ultralight fishing has gained popularity among sport anglers because it’s fun and uses light tackles. When doing ultralight fishing, you must use ultralight fishing rods

how to catch fish in a lake
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How to Catch Fish in a Lake

Is your lake fishing trip coming up soon, and you do not feel well-prepped?  Well, this guide is certainly for you. Lake fishing is an

how to catch striped bass
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How to Catch Striped Bass

When researching striped bass, you must have seen numerous pictures of anglers holding their catches, and you may have wondered, “how to catch striped bass?”.

pond fishing tips
Fish ‘n’ Tips

Pond Fishing Tips

Pond fishing is often an underrated yet rewarding sport. Unknown to many anglers, ponds have high levels of dissolved oxygen due to aquatic plant life,

different types of trout
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15 Different Types of Trout

Trout species are popular game fishes belonging to the Salmonidae family. They are the most sought-after freshwater species as they are delicious and sporty to