How to Choose the Best Color Whopper Plopper

Best Color Whopper Plopper - The Ultimate Lure

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Roland Brooks

Daddy by day, fisherman at night.

It’s been a while since I got solid fishing advice. We turned every stone and crossed over every marsh to find the it lure that’ll up our angler game. But, we’re not going to tell you this and that and waste your time — We’re gonna call it what it is and let you in on what’s easily the ultimate lure in my opinion.

Keep scrolling and read all about whopper plopper colors and hopefully find your next lure from the options on this list.

Top 3 Whopper Ploppers

Best Whopper Plopper Overall

River2Sea River 2 Sea Wpl 90 Whopper Plopper

River2Sea Whopper Plopper Munky Butt

Best Whopper Plopper for Versatility

River2Sea Whopper Plopper 60 Loon WPL60/12

River2Sea Whopper Plopper Loon

Best Whopper Plopper for Largemouth

River2Sea Whopper Plopper 60 Bone WPL60/14

River2Sea Whopper Plopper Bone

Best Whopper Plopper Colors

  1. River2Sea Munky ButtYellow
  2. River2Sea LoonBlack
  3. River2Sea BoneYellow
  4. River2Sea WhiteSilver
  5. River2Sea BluegillDark & Light
  6. River2Sea Delta CrawRed



River2Sea Whopper Plopper Munky Butt

River2Sea River 2 Sea Wpl 90 Whopper Plopper

WHY WE LIKE IT: Next up on our list of the best lure is the Munky Butt — it’s without a doubt a sturdy, mighty lure that’ll catch a musky in no time. Some of the anglers we know prefer to use the Munky Butt color topwater action. The tail is soft and flexible but excellent for creating the right rumble noises that attract both bass and panfish.

  • 3 and a half inches long
  • It weighs half a pound
  • Excellent for reeling in a variety of species: salmon, cod, trout, walleye, etc.



OVERVIEW: For professional use, the Munky Butt won’t let you down. It glides perfectly on the water’s surface and ripples it enough to attract some pounders. Considering the price, this particular lure might be a better choice for professional anglers that will use it more often.

FEATURES: If you’ve had the chance to try a number of different lures, you can tell the Munky Butt works fine for catching all sorts of fish. Plus, you’ll love the compact design allowing you to fit different whopper ploppers in your tackle box.



River2Sea Whopper Plopper Loon

River2Sea Whopper Plopper 60 Loon WPL60/12

WHY WE LIKE IT: With the attention-grabbing red eye and sultry dark profile, the loon shadows the water perfectly once cast. The Whopper Plopper loon is among the top bass fishing lure choices for professional anglers. For us the loon is what you’d use for bass fishing in heavy vegetation. 

The loon won’t let you down whether you’re an early bird fishing at the break of dawn, in foggy weather, or in any other setting. 

  • Less than 3 inches long;
  • It weighs close to half an ounce; 
  • Great for topwater largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass.



OVERVIEW: If you’re after catching musky bass in almost every weather condition, the loom is for you. If you’re serious about it, you won’t mind spending a few extra bucks on it and enjoying it for a long time. For us, it was a game-changer!

FEATURES: The size of the Whopper Plopper loom is just right, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Even though small, the loom creates quite the buzz on the water’s surface, and bass just can’t deal with it! 



River2Sea Whopper Plopper Bone

River2Sea Whopper Plopper 60 Bone WPL60/14

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Bone color of the Whopper Plopper series is another great lure for top-water fishing. We are especially in favor of the lure’s tail action. It creates just enough ripples to attract that massive bass we’ve been looking forward to. We have reeled in quite a lot of largemouths with this little lure.

  • Perfect for top-water fishing
  • Half a pound heavy
  • 3 and a half inches long



OVERVIEW: If you enjoy tricking bass out of the deep, the Whopper Plopper Bone deserves a try. By being able to lure in murkies out of the not-so-clear river you like, the Bone lure will definitely surprise you with a nice catch. Fellow anglers particularly love the Bone ‘cause it can catch way more fish than the Munky Butt and the Loon. It’s definitely earned its title as one of the best lure colors for muddy water.

FEATURES: Fishing enthusiasts love the way the Bone floats on the water’s surface and makes the most satisfying plop sound. Even though light and small, this lure will attract some hefty smallmouths as soon as it hits the water.



River2Sea Whopper Plopper White

Whopper Plopper White

WHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re one of those anglers that enjoy a good challenge by fishing for bass in not the clearest of waters, then make no mistake and give the Whopper Plopper White a go. This baby is designed to lure in smaller bass, so lady anglers might really enjoy this one.

  • Best for smaller catches
  • Excellent for fishing in muddy waters
  • Works well for female and male anglers



OVERVIEW: Giving the White Whopper Plopper a go means you will have some fun under the sun. Not only will the lure reel in bass from the cover, but it will also work its magic in not-so-clear water. Besides being a top-water lure, we have had luck attracting bass from way deeper into the river.

FEATURES: Even though some might consider the Whopper Plopper White a top-water lure only, they’d be surprised to see the baby call in the bass from the river depths. Plus, if you prefer smallmouths over largemouths, this is your go-to lure.


Dark & Light

River2Sea Whopper Plopper Bluegill

Whopper Plopper Bluegill

WHY WE LIKE IT: For those of us that mean business with catching bass all year round, the Whopper Plopper Bluegill should become a regular in our tackle boxes. The meticulous color hues under the belly are perfect for attracting bass in rather muddy waters. And, don’t let the size fool you — this baby can catch some seriously big fish.

  • Comes with hooks
  • It weighs half an ounce
  • 3 and a half inches long



OVERVIEW: If you’re just starting off, using the Blugill can make your angler game much easier and enjoyable. We especially love this lure ‘cause they can cover a lot of surface fast. If you’re dedicated to bass fishing no matter the season — this is a must-try.

FEATURES: Each of the River2Sea lures is specially designed to cause a lot of stir on the water’s surface, so you can count on attracting even the most head-strong of bass. Cast this baby off and see fish fight over it.



River2Sea Whopper Plopper Delta Craw

Whopper Plopper Delta Craw

WHY WE LIKE IT: Perfect for top-water fishing during the early hours of the day. The red Delta Craw is a must for every pro angler looking to try the best of the best in bass lures. Works well in every body of water.

  • Weighs 0.13 pounds at 5 inches long
  • Comes with hooks
  • Perfect topwater bait for smallies and largemouths



OVERVIEW: The red and black color combo on the Delta Craw makes the Delta Craw a perfect fit for big bass fishing. Every serious angler should have the Delta Craw in their tackle box — even though the price might be a head-scratcher for some, buying it will definitely fulfil every fishing expectation. It definitely fulfilled ours!

FEATURES: Even though the Delta Craw is somewhat bigger than the other lures for topwater fishing, make no mistake it will perform just as well. No matter how near or far you cast it, it will create just the right amount of ripple to attract even the sleepiest bass.

Whopper Plopper Color Guide


When it comes to bass fishing, size seriously matters. Pro anglers will tell you that a 1 or 2-pound bass will be most attracted to lures with sizes from 2.5 to 3.0 inches — these make the best size whopper plopper. From my experience, the smaller the lure, the fewer strikes I got. The same happened with larger lures over 6 inches long.

To remember which lure size is best for which bass, keep in mind that small lures go well with small bass; big lures work well for big bass. 


The weight of the lure tells you whether the lure will float nicely or sink in. For top-water fishing, you want to choose lures that weigh approximately half an ounce. A lure that’s too light might not cast as far as a lure that’s of the right weight. If you’re serious about catching bass in almost every season, go for the lightweight lures, weighing around 0.5 oz.


As any pro angler will tell you, the color of the lure you choose plays a huge role in whether you catch bass or not. Choose the wrong color and you can stay out fishing all day and catch nothing but weeds and twigs. But, with the right lure color, you can attract bass even in milky waters.


The swimming action of the lure is an important aspect of bass fishing.  Depending on the pivot points, the same lure can act differently. If you’re a newbie, research lure action more before you purchase a lure for your next bass fishing sesh.


How fast will a lure retrieve is important for the success of the cast. Pro anglers will tell you that for top-water bass fishing, the first thing to do is retrieve the lure fast. Fast retrieves are great for covering more surface and discovering the feeding zones more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, color choices are vital to the success of the lure.

It does. The smaller the lure, the smaller fish it will lure in, and vice versa.

The faster the better. Slower retrieves might end up with a lost catch.

It depends on the model, but most of them work well during any time of day.