The 6 Best Spinnerbait for Bass

Best Spinnerbait for Bass - Top Choices

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Ernest Grey

I love to test new fishing gadgets and share my opinion.

The fishing spinnerbaits should be unique. It provides almost limitless customizing choices, and with the appropriate knowledge, it may also be the most effective tool in a bass angler’s tackle box.

But this tool may be a puzzle to users, especially novices. There’s a lot to understand before you decide on the best option for you, from blade shapes to color combinations.

Fortunately, we’re here to assist you and answer a question: what is the best spinnerbait for bass. You can discover evaluations of some of our favorite spinnerbaits below to help you look like a pro among your fellow anglers.

Top 3 Spinnerbaits for Bass

Most Realistic Spinnerbaits for Bass
Strike King Finesse KVD

Strike King Finesse KVD

Best Spinnerbaits for Bass in Small Waters
Booyah Pond Magic Spinnerbait

Booyah Pond Magic 

Best Spinnerbaits for Bass In Clear Water
Strike King Potbelly

Strike King Potbelly

6 Best Spinnerbait for Bass

  1. Strike King Finesse KVD – Most Realistic Spinnerbait For Bass
  2. Booyah Pond Magic Spinnerbait – Best Bass Spinnerbait in Small Waters
  3. Strike King Potbelly – Best Bass Spinnerbait In Clear Water
  4. War Eagle Mike McClelland Finesse Spinnerbait – Best Bass Spinnerbait For Beginners
  5. Strike King Rocket Shad – Best Bass Spinnerbait For Smallmouth Bass
  6. Strike King Bleeding Spinnerbait – Best Bass Spinnerbait For Murky Wat


Best Spinnerbait Overall

Strike King Finesse KVD Spinnerbait

Strike King Finesse KVD

WHY WE LIKE IT: Strike King’s Finesse KVD Spinnerbait is another excellent spinnerbait with a realistic appearance and motion guaranteed to draw strikes. It has a smaller, redesigned Perfect Shirt with whole new naturalized colors for that authentic look and a lower profile in the water that will encourage more strikes.

  • Spinnerbait Weight: ‎0.06 pounds
  • Blades: two spinner blades (Colorado blade and a smaller willow blade)
  • Spinnerbait Colors: 9 colors available including Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Gizzard Shad, Chrome Sexy Shad, and Super Chart
  • Fishing Technique: ‎SB



OVERVIEW: This lure has many positive aspects, and with a few more blades on hand to adjust the size or color pattern, we don’t believe we could choose a better spinnerbait alternative for clear water.

FEATURES: The Finesse KVD’s skirt spinnerbait is expertly made. As you might anticipate in a clear-water spinner, they come in a variety of natural hues but typically include white, small flecks, and a shade of green or brown to resemble bait fish. A lengthy trailing portion of the skirt will also provide movement.


Small Waters

Booyah Pond Magic Spinnerbait

Booyah Pond Magic Spinnerbait

WHY WE LIKE IT: Another excellent lure made by Booyah Baits is the Booyah Pond Magic. Despite being smaller than the norm, this spinnerbait performs admirably, especially in smaller, shallower waters like ponds.

  • Spinnrbait Weight: 0.13 ounces
  • Spinnerbait Colors: over a dozen different colors including June Bug, Grasshopper, Fire Fly, and Nest Bobber
  • Material: silicone
  • Hook type: Mustard Ultra Point hook



OVERVIEW: A smaller spinnerbait like the Booyah Pond Magic is designed for use when fishing gets tough, and the large-bladed spinnerbaits do not give the expected results. The willow blade’s flashing pulse is combined with a tiny colorado blade for vibration. Fishing in ponds or shallower, murkier waters? These spinnerbait blades are awesome color lures for muddy water.

FEATURES: Anglers can use the blade and color combinations in ponds and other bodies of water. However, when equipped with a Mustad Ultra Point hook, the Booyah Pond Magic remains a potent bait.


Clear Water

Strike King Potbelly Spinnerbait

Strike King Potbelly

WHY WE LIKE IT: This spinnerbait is smaller and lighter than others, making it ideal for anglers using ultra-light rods or casting light bait. Even youngsters will enjoy this lure. The Strike King Potbelly Spinnerbait comes with Nickel Colorado/Willow blades and is an excellent choice for the spinnerbait bass fishing techniques.

  • Spinnerbait Weight: 0.023 pounds
  • Spinnerbait Colours: Black, chartreuse, limetreuse, and white
  • Material: synthetic
  • Fishing Technique: Casting, Spinning



OVERVIEW: Fish under duress cannot handle the conventional sizes. It is a fantastic lure for luring spinnerbait bites even in tense fishing conditions with clear water. We found that it’s great for fishing in both finesse and deep waters.

This bait has excellent movement, and it is reasonably priced. It is definitely up there with the best bass fishing lures and is a top choice for many anglers. We recommend it to all.

FEATURES: Having a variety of finesse spinnerbaits in your tackle box is essential if you are a passionate spinnerbait fisherman. Since bass is frequently more attracted to smaller profiles while under pressure, these will frequently work when the bite is difficult.

What makes this lure stand out from the competition are the outstanding hooks and skirts that help generate the desired strike.




War Eagle Mike McClelland Finesse Spinnerbait

WHY WE LIKE IT: Meet the thin wire spinnerbait called the War Eagle Mike McClelland Finesse Spinnerbait! This lure’s special design allows you to catch a quick fish limit. This item is a must-have due to its excellent construction and materials.

  • Spinnerbait Size: 0.031 – 0.062 pounds
  • Spinnerbait Colors: available in over a dozen colors including White Gold, Hot Mouse, Cole Slaw, and Hot Perch
  • Blades: two vibrating blades



OVERVIEW: The War Eagle Mike McClelland Finesse Spinnerbait is ready to rock and roll in the chase of capturing more bass, whether you’re in a difficult fishery just seeking for nibbles or require a little fishing spinnerbaits with significant fish potential. From our experience, this fishing bait has helped us so many times when the wire starts to be too weak for the prey.

Combine these lures with some of the best bass fishing rod and reel combos in the game and you’ll be catching more and bigger fish in no time.

FEATURES: These little spinnerbaits have a Colorado blade arrangement that works well in moderately stained to muddy waters when a little more thump is needed to get the fish to strike. We found that during difficult fishing circumstances, its small size helps attract more bites.

It has a Mustad Ultra Power Point trailer hook, Sampo swivels, Colorado blades, a Bass Eagle pro skirt, and a dual-length skirt.


Best for Smallmouth Bass

Strike King Rocket Shad

Strike King Rocket Shad

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Strike King Rocket Shad spinnerbait is designed for speed. A long throw can cover more water with a longer throw and a quicker retrieve while improving the speed. The Strike King Rocket Shad, which has a more compact, bite-sized shape, stands out in the water with its superior ball-bearing swivel and colorful Colorado blade, both of which spin smoothly.

The Strike King Rocket Shad spinnerbait, which comes in various fish-attracting colors, will definitely increase the quantity of fish you catch and is perfect as a smallmouth bass lure.

  • Spinnerbait Weight: 0.024 pounds
  • Spinnerbait Color: Chartreuse Shad, Blue Shad, Perch, and White Shad
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Additional components: ‎Fishing Lure



OVERVIEW: It is an excellent schooling fish lure as well as drop bait. While testing it, we found that the lure works well below the dam because it is effective in fast currents. The most common baitfish and the shad are precisely replicated, attracting fish of many different sorts.

FEATURES: Realistic coloring with attention-grabbing 3D eyes and the design optimized for speedier retrievals are one of the best features of this spinnerbait.


For Murky Water

Strike King Bleeding Spinnerbait

Strike King Bleeding Spinnerbait

WHY WE LIKE IT: A scarlet blood trail is said to cause predatory fish to begin eating naturally. The premium stainless steel wire with a skirt has a bleeding red accent and a baited hook.

  • Spinnerbait Color: 7 colors available including Bleeding Chartreuse White, Bleeding Fire Tiger, White, and Multi
  • Spinnerbait Material: ‎Stainless steel
  • Fishing Technique: ‎Spinning and casting



OVERVIEW: The ideal spinnerbait color will make it look like a dying fish, and this one accomplishes just that. We found that the bait performed flawlessly and did all the heavy lifting when we cast the bait over heavily covered lakes. If you’re looking to attract bass in thick cover, don’t look past these best spinnerbaits.

FEATURES: Premium components used in the bait include stainless steel wire, a sturdy skirt, and two blades. The bleeding bait hook and red accent skirt makes these spinnerbaits for bass stand out from the competition.

How to Select Spinnerbait for Bass?

Blade shape

The spinner’s most significant components are its blades. They provide flash and/or color to draw fish in, but more importantly, they generate a considerable amount of vibration, which is the primary way spinners draw in fish.

Blade color

There are three basic color choices for spinnerbait blades: painted, silver, and gold.

In low light, gold blades are a fantastic alternative. The gold blade offers the advantage of a darker profile while preserving some flash.

In cleaner water and bright weather, silver blades will work best. Its main feature is the flash in this hue, which may mimic many different kinds of baitfish.

Painted blades can be applied in a variety of circumstances. The main drawback is the absence of a natural flash, as you get with gold and silver blades. When it comes to finding the best night fishing lures or lures for exceptionally dirty water, white, black, red, and orange are excellent choices.

Blade size

A spinnerbait’s blade size may be adjusted to fine-tune its three main presentations: the amount of flash, the depth at which the bait runs, and the vibration it emits. The blade type can drastically alter all three of these presentation modifications, but increasing the blade size could be the preferable option if you only need to make slight tweaks.

Most beginners should start with a 3/8 ounce spinnerbaits for bass when purchasing spinnerbaits. This size makes it simple to work all water columns at various retrieve speeds, easy to cast in the wind, and capable of handling the majority of vegetation.

Number of blades

There are more than 1,000 possible blade configurations. A spinnerbait contains a flash that fish are drawn to, and you can adjust the vibration based on what the fish are eating.

Due to the possibility that they may be mistaken for smaller fish pursued by larger fish, the blades increase the striking incentive (the bulkier skirt).

Blade Spacing or Arm Length

In general, a heavier lure casts farther. You may use many of the suggestions from the previous sections to increase distance.

Your ability to use the rod to its fullest extent is limited if your line is too light for the rod. You run a higher chance of breaking your rod if you use too much line when fishing.


Blades are the tiny spinny objects at the end of the wireframe that flash and vibrate.

The spinnerbait’s blades serve as the fish’s main “attractant” in order to get their attention. They revolve, producing vibration and sparkle. The combination of the two—flash and vibration—attracts fish and makes them bite.

Frequently Asked Questions​

The spinnerbait works great in clear water and muddy water alike. In general, anglers will use it slowly in muddy water and quickly in cleaner water. One can slowly roll it in 20 feet of water and awaken it in 1 foot of water.

The chartreuse spinnerbait appears off-white to bass since it can only see greens and reds. The white spinnerbait appears white to the bass, whereas the blue and black spinnerbaits appear identical to the fish. For night fishing and particularly muddy water, try brighter chartreuse, a white combo, a transparent shad-type color, and possibly a black spinnerbait. The less visibility fish have of the bait, the faster you should catch it in clearer water.

As you expand and adjust to shifting conditions, you will require additional lures in various color and blade combinations. The most versatile spinnerbait is by far 1/2 ounce, so go ahead and use it if you’re ever unsure what to choose. It is heavy enough to match any trailer and lightweight enough to be fished shallowly, even with a changed pace.

Considered the most versatile bassing lure, anglers use this bait to catch fish in different water depths and retrieve methods in various weather and water conditions. Anywhere between 1 and 20 feet is fine because spinnerbaits perform best when fishing at a particular bait.